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Thomas asks…

Any room near Sunway medical KL?

My sister will be working in Sunway medical this month and we have headache looking for place to stay. The rental is so expensive.. with salary of RM600, can anyone suggest something? Is taking bus in KL dangerous? Is it safe to walk to work from the block nearby passing the highway?

KL Boy’s answers:

Are you sure the salary is RM 600 and not 6,000? No one can survive with RM 600 here without free accommodation. She might as well not work.

Mandy asks…

How much is a small fully furnished apartment around Petaling Jaya?

I’m moving to Malaysia in March to study at Sunway University, and I would like to know the rate of rent around that area. It doesn’t have to be Sunway, anywhere with a good bus or train link to Sunway will do.

KL Boy’s answers:

Owh.. SUNWAY! I have a friend who attended the MUFY programme. Monash University thing.. I think she got like this huge apartment shared with 8 others. Each has thier own toom though. Appox 5 min walk to college. It was 850 RM a month. The condo also has a pool..

Ken asks…

genting to sunway lagoon?

Is there any BUS service from GENTING to SUNWAY LAGOON?

Thank you,,,

KL Boy’s answers:

No, there isn’t any to Sunway Lagoon. There are two choices for you from Genting . First, take the Genting Bus to One Utama Shopping Complex, from here you buy the taxi voucher at the taxi counter in the complex, cost not more than RM30 one way that takes you to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon. It’s about 15km ride.
Second option, take the Genting bus to KL Sentral and take the number U63, U67 and U76 Rapid KL Bus service which goes to USJ Subang Jaya via Sunway Lagoon ,at the bus station outside the building. The buses have different travel time. U63 takes about 45 mins to arrive and the other two about and hour. You can ask the bus driver to direct you to the bus stand as you are about to reach.
Just to remind you, Sunway Lagoon closes on every Tuesday and opening time is from 11am-6pm. In case Tuesday falls on a public holiday,you might want to call them to find out, 03-5639 0000.
I would suggest taking the taxi. Have Fun!

George asks…

Seremban to Sunway Lagoon?

Hi,I am from Seremban,and I would like to go Sunway Lagoon with public transport such as bus or KTM.Any recommandation?

KL Boy’s answers:

You can either catch the KTM Komuter train from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur station or SKS bus from Seremban to Central Market. Then, you proceed to catch Metro bus No 13 at the bus stop in front of Watsons and opposite Kota Raya Shopping Complex along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. The bus will take you all the way to the front door step of Sunway Pyramid. Sunway Lagoon is located at the side/back of Sunway Pyramid. Have a water fun-filled day.

Charles asks…

Public Transport from Bandar Kinrara to Sunway Pyramid?

Okay so anyone with experience or if they know anything about using a rapid bus provided in my area to Sunway Pyramid. Im from bandar kinrara.

Pls let me know about the buses ‘s number for example – U 504 in order to get there.

Also pls let me know about the cost and fees to get there too.

I been google searching but stll can’t exactly get a straight forward answer, still confused.I ‘ve not been to one before ,and pls do let me know how to get to Sunway Pyramid by using the rapid bus.

Or i’ve heard about bukit jalil LRT to kelana jaya, then from there can go to Sunway Pyramid straight away since the bus is provided in that area.But the cost is like RM 5 one way. Its kinda expensive for two ways.

Anyone staying in my area with experience will be much appreciated.

Or from any rapid buses nearby bandar kinrara to get to sunway pyramid if its way easier then why not. Pls let me know all the possibilities.

KL Boy’s answers:

Hi there! I’m not very sure how much the costs are, but here are a few options I’m aware of for those staying in Puchong…

1. Mini Bus no. 68 – Tesco (Bandar Seri Puchong) –> Sunway Pyramid
2. Rapid KL no. U 623 – LRT Station –> Sunway Pyramid

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