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Paul asks…

How can I go to Ikea from Sunway Lagoon?

I’ll be travelling to KL soon and I like to go to Ikea to shop.Are there any other transport beside using a taxi.For example by bus.What number to use,Which is Cheaper and convenient?Got train going there?

KL Boy’s answers:

From Sunway Lagoon, you need to take bus RapidKL bus no. U623 to Kelana Jaya then take bus U89 to Ikano (next to IKEA) or take the FREE Shuttle bus service of Ikano; as illustrates following
Hope the above helps.

Lizzie asks…

How do I get to KL Central from Sunway Pyramid?

How long will it take, where is the exact location the bus will stop and how much does it costs?

KL Boy’s answers:

From sunway pyramid, take taxi to either KTM Subang or LRT Kelana Jaya. From there, take train to KL Central.

Maria asks…

how to go to kl sentral & sunway pyramid by rapid kl buses ?

which rapid kl bus ( what bus number) should I take to go from mid valley megamall to kl sentral ?
and from mid valley megamall to sunway pyramid ? how much the fare ? thanks a lot…:)

KL Boy’s answers:

From midvalley to KL sentral, you may take U63 bus. I think there’s many more buses with other codes going to KL sentral as well. All you have to do for confirmation is asking the bus driver about your destination. Talking about fare, i think it just takes RM1 from mid valley to KL sentral.

If i were you, i tend to use train instead of buses because it’s much easier.

Hope this helps.

Robert asks…

How do i get to sunway pyramid from Universiti malaya by rapidkl?

do provide the bus number if possible and no taxis please…

KL Boy’s answers:

Hop on rapid kl that passes thru’ midvalley.
Switch to another rapid kl bus opposite the volvo building.

Linda asks…

Information on sunway lagoon?

I need to know how far sunway laggon (a resort in malaysia) is from kuala lumpur the city proper.

How long will it take to get there (estimated time)

Is there a bus service going to sun way laggon (hosted by sunway laggon itself)

Im planning to stay there for sometime, what are the hotels available (thank you so much XD)

KL Boy’s answers:

Sunway lagoon to KL..
Use federal higway.. Just outside pyramid only..
To KL i guess about 20 minutes. (because of traffic jam)

yea there are plenty of busses. Check out “RAPID KL” busses.

U can stay at Sunway Tower hotel, SUnway resort hotel,
or the nearby 5 star hotels like SHeraton hotel, Holiday Villa.

Sunway tower, sunway resort is just beside Sunway Lagoon.
Sheraton Hotel is next to Holiday Villa. Both are about 5-10 minutes from sunway lagoon (depends on traffic situation)

hope what i gave helps u.

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