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George asks…

How do I get from Desa Sri Hartamas to Subang Jaya by bus/train?

I am a foreigner living in KL, and is unfamiliar with the bus/train systems. Hope someone can help!

KL Boy’s answers:

You might be better off taking a cab.

I don’t think there r direct buses from Hartamas to Subang. Try…cab to nearest LRT station, and there might be buses from the station to Subang.

Steven asks…

Is there any bus from subang parade or subang carrefour to inti subang college?

I lazy to walk. >.<

KL Boy’s answers:

Yeah, got.

Michael asks…

how to go to The Curve from Subang Parade by bus?

planning to take the shuffle bus from LRT Kelana Jaya.
can I take the T623 bus from Subang Parade to the LRT?

KL Boy’s answers:

Yes, you are right.
From Kelana Jaya Station itself, T623 is the only bus that will go to Subang Parade.
Every departure is abot: 30-50mins.

Jenny asks…

How do i get from Subang Jaya to Langkawi by bus?

i know i’ll have to take a ferry there so i’ll need the nearest point to the jetty. Because it’s a very huge group that is going. Thanks for any opinions!!

KL Boy’s answers:

From subang jaya, take a bus to Pudu Raya.

From Puduraya, KL, you have 2 choices, they are;
a) to Kuala Kedah(approx.RM33), time approx. 5.0hrs,
then ferry ride(RM18), approx. Travel time 1.5hrs.

B) to Kuala Perlis(approx. RM 38), time approx. 5.25hrs,
then ferry ride(RM15), approx. Travel time 1.0hrs

Recommend depart from KL, approx. Midnite, ETA 0530hr
ETA Langkawi morning 0800hr

Lisa asks…

Help!!! How to get to Inti College Subang Jaya by public bus???

Hey everyone!!!
I need help with transportation to Inti College Subang Jaya. Anyone from Malaysia knows what bus(rapid kl) to take from SS2, PJ to SS15/8(inti college)???
All help will be appreciated!!!

KL Boy’s answers:

This question should be posted at the Malaysia Travel section. Anyway, check out this link for the bus routes…

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