Subang Bus

Daniel asks…

Transport to Subang Jaya?

hi, I need to know busses or trains that goes to Subang Jaya from KL.
I live in Bukit Jalil.
Please assist me to the best and easiest way.

some suggest me to take kelana jaya line then take a bus to subang jaya…how is it????

thanks guysss

KL Boy’s answers:

That sucks. Take a taxi that’s the best way, your place not near in the train station.

Betty asks…

how do i go to medical center subang jaya from palm spring?

how do i go with bus or lrt to medical center subang jaya from palm spring condo

KL Boy’s answers:

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Lizzie asks…

Public bus, RapidKL or Metrobus to USJ or SS19/1?

Hi, I’ve tried to google & only use U62 & T623 before would like to know if there are anymore buses that goes that.
U63 dropped me at the wrong section & had to walk very far.

Do state the bus no. & bus stop at Subang which I can take from Armada/Menara Axis/Asia Jaya area.
Thanks to all replies.

KL Boy’s answers:

Last time I went to sunway piramid, I took LRT from Asia Jaya to Kelana Jaya. Go down stair to get another RapidKL bus to Subang Jaya for $1(the bus will pass by sunway piramid first bf going to SJ -SJMC/carrefour/subang parade ->back to kelana JayaLRT), yes there are buses going to USJ from the sunway piramid bus stop, if Im not mistaken. That’s all I know..hope it helps :)) sorry I’ve forgotten the bus no. But its good that you ask around when you arrive at the kelana jaya LRT station. Good journey!

William asks…

Kelana Jaya to Subang Jaya?

Hi! I would like to know what RapidKL bus number I should look out for if I want to go from Kelana Jaya Stesen to Subang Jaya, particularly Holiday Villa?

Im originally from Cyberjaya but ill take KJ Stesen as a transit point. Any suggestions? Thanks!

KL Boy’s answers:

You surely can find the answer when you reach kelana jaya station. Ask someone around there

Sharon asks…

School Bus?

We need sch bus from S14 to Kelana-Lembah Subang.,
Anyone can help-pls give me some contacts
Selangor PJ

KL Boy’s answers:

Did you try Gray hound ?

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