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Laura asks…

which bus should i take from subang jaya to midvalley?

could u guys help me..
i’ve once took that bus..
but i forgot which one..
coz a long time already since i’ve never been on a public transport.. huHu~
plz include da bus number?

KL Boy’s answers:

To answer your question, use:-

MetroBus No. 10, 11, or 13.

It may be faster to take a RapidKL bus to Subang Jaya KTM Kommuter Station and go straight to Mid Valley station in MidValley. However, the risk that you need to take is the KTM Kommuter train coming late as usual! Not only that, you need to change line: SJ > Sentral later Sentral > Mid Valley.

So is best go directly by Metrobus.

Nancy asks…

train or bus from subang to demansara?

i want to find out which is the most convenient way to travel from sunbang jaya to demansara heights.i will very soon be going to a college in demansara and would like to know how far the distance is,and how frequent are bus or train travels and how far it is?

KL Boy’s answers:

The most convenient way to travel from Subang Jaya to Damansara Heights is by bus as there are no train service to Damansara Heights. Depending on which area of Subang Jaya you are coming from, there are RapidKL bus service no U63, U67 & U76 which serve the Subang Jaya area to Pasar Seni LRT via KL Sentral. You may board these buses & disembark at KL Sentral where you need to board another RapidKL bus route no U82 (KL Sentral – Bandar Utama via Pusat Bandar Damansara) to go to Damansara Heights.

The bus fare for this journey is only RM 2.00 for their trunk (UTAMA) bus service & do keep the ticket as the ticket is valid for the whole day. Since you may need to purchase the ticket when you board the bus Subang Jaya, you can show it to the driver of the next bus no U82 at KL Sentral to continue your journey.

The journey from Subang Jaya to Damansara Heights is about 15 kilometres & depending on the traffic situation, the journey will take about 1 hour (one way).

Ruth asks…

from kl to subang taipan by bus.?

can anyone tell me how to get to subang taipan by bus from kl.
any other transportation,where to get etc etc……thanks.

KL Boy’s answers:

You can take a rapid bus from KL central direct to Subang taipan or you can board the rapid bus somewhere near central market in downtown kuala lumpur.

Sharon asks…

is that any bus straight from ss15 subang jaya, to taman paramount ‘eu institute’?

KL Boy’s answers:


Lizzie asks…

Public Transport from Subang air port to Petaling Jaya?

Is there any bus or train from Subang Airport to Petaling Jaya?

KL Boy’s answers:

RapidKL U81 or T607

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