Sandra asks…

whats the difference between metro bus and rapidkl?

type of managerial approach used by both rapidkl nad metro bus

KL Boy’s answers:

Yoohooo.. Rapidkl driver got fixed salary.. Metro bus driver’s salary based on how many trip they got in a day. So thats explain why rapidkl service was annoying. But, the concept on one ticket per day was a very good business srategy.

Ruth asks…

How to go to subang airport by public transport from station university?

KL Boy’s answers:

RapidKL bus U81.

Helen asks…

how to get to one utama from kl sentral via rapidkl?

what time are the bus? is it troublesome? please help

KL Boy’s answers:

It’s not that hard. From KL Sentral, you can take bus number U82(KL Sentral-Bandar Utama).

Or, from KL Sentral, take a train to Kelana Jaya LRT station. Then, you can take bus number U89(Kelana Jaya LRT station-Kota Damansara) or U43(Putrajaya Sentral-Bandar Utama). Both bus will stop at Bandar Utama bus hub.

Usually, the operating hour for RapidKL busses is from 6am to 11pm. I hope this will help. Good luck~

Laura asks…

how to go putrajaya from subang jaya?

KL Boy’s answers:

You can check with rapidkl


Nancy asks…

is there any bus that goes to bandar utama centre point?

KL Boy’s answers:

Yes, check out rapidkl.com.my

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