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Susan asks…

How to go to One Utama by RapidKL from Jalan Johar (near Esso) bus stop?

How to go to One Utama shopping complex by RapidKL from Jalan Johar (near Esso) bus stop?

KL Boy’s answers:

Its very simple. You stop any RAPID BUS passes by and ask the driver.

Ken asks…

How do I get from Koi Tropika in Puchong to Cyberjaya via RapidKL?

I work in Cyberjaya near Shell and I am going to live in Koi Tropika Condominium in Puchong. I know that RapidKL U69 passes in front of the place, but specifically, how do I get from my place to Cyberjaya?

KL Boy’s answers:

You must get a bus to IOI Mall and wait the other side of bus stand, the way heading to Cyberjaya. The bus stop there to pick up passengers.

Robert asks…

Public transport near trader hotel kl?

any public transport (bus, train) facility avaiable near trader hotel kl?

KL Boy’s answers:

There are several options to travel around Kuala Lumpur city centre. The KLCC LRT station is located next to the Petronas Twin Towers. To get there, you will need to walk along KLCC Park to enter Suria KLCC & walk along the underground tunnel which will lead you to the LRT station.

There are also several RapidKL buses which passes thru Traders Hotel:

B103 – Titiwangsa – Bukit Bintang via KLCC
B105 – KLCC – Mid Valley Megamall via KL Sentral
B114 – Maluri – Titiwangsa via KLCC

the above buses will take you to various places around the city centre & the bus fare is only RM 2.00 for unlimited day rides. Best of all, you can use the same ticket to board another bus which starts with the prefix ‘B’ (for example: B101 & B110) on the same day.

Sandra asks…

How to Get entry again ?

hi im in jb now .im from india n i have 30 days entry visa for malaysia but 30 days going to finish . i wan one more month to stay.. now my question is if i go singapore now n enter again in malaysia i can get 30 more day entry or not…on check point thy stamp im out from malaysia ???

KL Boy’s answers:

You wish to extend your Social Visit Pass — they can be extended twice, for 30 days at a time — in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll need to head to the immigration office (Mon-Fri, 07:30-13:00, 14:00-17:30), which moved in late 2011 to a new complex in the middle of nowhere. Getting there by public transport may be a nightmare (one near-mythical bus from KL Sentral, RapidKL U83), but it’s once inside the building that the fun really begins. Nearly everything to do with foreigners is dealt with by one room on the first floor (follow the signs which say visa, pas & permit).
Once inside the room, join the queue at counter 21, where you will be given a number, and at least one form to fill out. The numbers are only called out in Malay, so keep your eyes peeled on the electronic boards. Expect even the simplest of requests to involve visits to several different counters. Try to stay calm and polite at all times, however time-consuming and convoluted the process is.
Each extension to a Social Visit Pass costs 50 ringgit. While an extension should in theory only be granted if you have a good reason, such as illness, in practice, the first extension should be given without too much fuss, and possibly the second one too.

** a better option overall is simply to leave Malaysia for a few days, and get a new Social Visit Pass. The easiest (and cheapest) way from KL is to get a bus or train to Singapore. But this is also the border crossing where immigration officials are most likely to give you trouble. It is perfectly legal to get back-to-back Social Visit Passes, so try not to be intimidated into paying a bribe.
Ways to avoid hassle include:
– Always having an onward plane or train ticket;
– Leaving Malaysia for at least three days;
– Mixing up the places you do visa runs to;
– Opting for airports rather than overland crossings.
Clearly, if you do several visa runs in a row, always staying until the very end of your permitted stay, then suspicions will be raised. After two to three years, a long break from Malaysia is advisable, or alternatively, get a new passport.


Betty asks…

how to go to Eurocopter Malaysia sdn bhd from klang by public transport?

eurocopter malaysia address:
Terminal 2, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Subang

thank you

KL Boy’s answers:

1) Taxi

This is the easiest way to get in and out of the airport. There is a taxi booth inside the terminal building, so arriving passengers can directly go to the booth and get on the taxi right away.

2) Bus

Currently, there are no shuttle bus services to get to and from this airport. However, there are public buses passing through the main road just outside the terminal building. Buses heading towards Kuala Lumpur city center are on the opposite side of the road, so you have to cross the road by using pedestrians bridge to get to the other side and then wait for buses at the designated stop. Fare to Kuala Lumpur is RM 3.00 one-way. The journey normally takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the traffic conditions along the way.
RapidKL No U81: Pasar Seni LRT station (Kuala Lumpur) Subang Mahsing via SZB airport
Metrobus Nationwide No 9: Kotaraya (Kuala Lumpur) Subang Mahsing via SZB airport

But i think the easiest way is to use public taxi.

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