Mary asks…

Girls,what would you do?

if a guy takes advantage of you?
has it ever happen to you before?

groping in the bus,accidentally this and that,etc
i think you know what i mean
mr.rabitto-it’s mrs. owen la,mrs. clive owen hehe
mr.rabitto-it’s mrs. owen la,mrs. clive owen hehe
jedi-you obviously don’t understand women or you’re trying to be funny

KL Boy’s answers:

I once used my paper bag to knock off this old man’s head, he was on a seat & I know he had this horny look when he kept trying to put his head on my hand & chest part. Like “resting lah” after a few nudge also, he still continued… Finally I just simply move my paper bag and whacked his head to another side.

Then luckily there’s another empty seat at the opposite.
So I move there and he’s so insane he stared at me for the rest of the journey and even make some kinda stupid “kissing face”.
The school boys behind me were so disgusted by him. A few of them even critize him in loudly. I dn’t stay on to know what happen eventually coz. It’s my stop. But seriously… Tht ol’man dah lah old, full of white hair & thin.. And he dare to do that on the bus on broad day time. It’s a RapidKL bus btw.

If it’s the Metro bus, I’ve seen and encounter incidents where the bus conductor will alert the drivers and the passengers will bash up the molestors. So far, I’ve a few conductors that kinda saved me before, back thn when I’m just a student.
Thinking back, was so naive and scared.

George asks…

public transport from kl centre to hicom glenmarie ind. park, shah alam?

anyone knows wats the public transport from kl centre to hicom glenmarie ind. park, shah alam?

thanks so much!

KL Boy’s answers:

I’ll have to say you’re out of luck.
Checking the rapidkl.com.my website doesn’t reveal any buses for the Glenmarie area.

However, if you want to save money on a cab ride from KL center to Glenmarie, you can try the following:

1. At Kotaraya, take the Metro 10,11,13 bus to Subang Jaya (you could stop at Sunway Pyramid, or SS15, or even USJ if you know that area well). For familiarity sake, you can stop at Pyramid. Not sure what the rate is, RM2?
2. From Pyramid, take a Taxi to your destination in Glenmarie. If no jam, should take only about 10-15 minutes, so your taxi fare shouldn’t exceed RM10.

Of cuz, you will have to plan your return trip, and getting a taxi in Glenmarie might be a problem, so I recommend you get some radio taxi numbers so you don’t get stranded.

Or as the dude said above, take a cab 🙂

Susan asks…

how to going to Management & science University(MSU) KL?

how to going to Management & science University(MSU) KL by public transport from masjid jamek?

KL Boy’s answers:

Have you tried any of the following sites?

Kuala Lumpur – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public transport on Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the Klang Valley covers a variety … The management of RapidKL has adopted the hub and spoke system to … Established in 1962, it is the oldest university in Malaysia, …. Michigan State University, Asian Studies. Http://asia.msu.edu/seasia/Malaysia/religion.html. …
En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuala_Lumpur – Cached – Similar –
One Whole Day ~ The Moment Of Time
– [ Translate this page ]
27 Dis 2008 … Dalam perjalanan,stop at the masjid jamek kot tak silap for solat asar. …. This is a Flickr badge showing public photos and videos from mscreator. … Jarak antara dua flight (Langkawi to KL & KL to Kota Baru) hanya . … Ahaa ;P – My cousin;; an MSU (Management and Science University) student;; …
Creatingmine.blogspot.com/2008/12/one-whole-day.html –

Maria asks…

Rapidkl Bus, can pay with notes? or must use coins only?

hey, I never take bus in KL b4, when I board the bus, can I use dollar notes to pay instead of coins? Just drop the notes inside the slot right?

KL Boy’s answers:

Yes of course.
Money note or coins as long as in RM currency is totally acceptable.
But must be just the right amount.

The ticket is reusable thru out the whole day.
Means if 23 Feb 2008, you bought the ticket “U” (town) then you can travel anywhere in the “U” (town) bus. Bus hop pun boleh.
Do note the difference btwn. T – for tempatan, B – for Bandar. Both different price.

If not you have the right change you’ll might have to “beg” other passengers to change the amount with you. Sometimes some people along the bus stop might try to sell you their tickets. Well it’s up to you to buy or not but it’s better if it’s cheaper and make sure the DATE of the bus ticket is state correctly else you’ll get cheated.
Sometimes if I take the bus only to somewhere & get down early and won’t be using the ticket anymore, I would give the ticket to elders or random strangers especially school kids.

Paul asks…

at what time mini bus start operation? is it 6am same as rapidKL?

KL Boy’s answers:

It varies by stop.
Some minis start at 5:20 am , most start around 6am

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