Michael asks…

I want to go to Sogo Shopping Mall from Puduraya.How can I get there?

I am go to KL first time.I want go to the Sogo Shopping Mall.How can I get the way? If I go there by taxi,is it expensive? Or wat can I take the transport to go there?Actually, I want go to TuneHotels,how can I get the way?Is TuneHotels near Putrajaya?Or can tell me wat budget hotel nearby Putrajaya. Reply asap.TQ

KL Boy’s answers:

There is a train service from the Puduraya bus station to Sogo shopping mall. Just board the RapidKL LRT Ampang Line from Plaza Rakyat station which is just next to Puduraya, take the Sentul Timur bound train & disembark at Bandaraya station. The fare is only RM 1.20 & the Sogo shopping mall is located opposite Bandaraya LRT station.

Lizzie asks…

have you ever experienced any inconveniences with the public transportation in Malaysia?

KL Boy’s answers:

OMG! Of course…. This is a real story…. I was waiting for the bus at my bus stop to go to the nearest shopping mall. I waited 4 the rapidKL (U45) to arrive, 1 hour still doesn’t come, then its start to rain….. I still dun wanna give up so i wait for another 2 hours until the rain become storm and THEN i give up….. The best part is this happens on wednesday afternoon till evening…..

Mark asks…

PC fair? where and how to get there?

Tomorrow last day?

KL Boy’s answers:

The PC fair is currently being held at the Kuala Lumpur COnvention Centre which is just next to KLCC. It is easily accesible via the RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line as the train stops at KLCC station. Just exit the station & walk along the underground tunnel until you reach KLCC. Continue walking towards the Centre Court & just look out for the signboard which says ‘Aquaria’ & ‘Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’ & you will be there in about 10 minutes from KLCC.

As you have mentioned, Sunday, 09 December 2007 which is today is the last day.

Carol asks…

Do I need to reserve/ book a ticket if I am taking express bus from KLIA-LCCT to Melaka?

I will be arriving at the KLIA-LCCT on a Saturday morning (7.30am). There is a (Transnasional Bas) at 9am from LCCT to Melaka. It is neccesary to book/ reserve ticket? Or I could get it on the spot? Or it might be easier if I go to KL to take a bus to Melaka. (if I need to take a bus from KL, where is the best place?) Thanks!

KL Boy’s answers:

If you can catch the bus at 9am, then go for it. It’s the best option. It’s not necessary to book/reserve your ticket as it’s not the peak season here. Transnational is a good trusted company. If you couldn’t catch the 9am bus (due to flight delay or etc), then you can take a bus from KL. First you need to take a bus from the airport to KL Sentral, its between RM7-9, depending on type of buses. The buses are available every 15minutes, so nothing to worry. Once you reach KL Sentral, you need to take a RapidKL LRT (train) to Bukit Jalil. Once you get down, go to Bukit Jalil Bus Terminal, it’s a 5 minute walking distance. Then take any express bus to Melaka. Always ask someone if you are in doubt, and make sure ask the right person (workers, salesgirl, ticket seller). Hope I helped. Have a safe journey! 🙂

Lisa asks…

What happen in your last job interview in Malaysia? ?

Mine was like, an hour long of convincing q&a. Then comes the ‘soalan cepu emas’, which really is a turn off. (can’t tell it here, the interviewer might be one of us… hahahaha)
How about gov’t job interview? I been shooed off because of failing vision test. They didn’t even take my weight yet. The lady beside me sure is overweight, but is smiling & giggling all the way to the interview room.

KL Boy’s answers:

I change job recently and my last interview was last month.
Same as you.. An hour long of q&a and the soalan cepu emas they ask me is.. ‘Dont you have any plan to buy a car or any kind of transport’.. My answer.. ‘of course, I’m in the middle of disscusion to buy RapidKL’..anyway, I got the Job out of 15 candidates. Aww…..

My experience for govt job interview? It lasts only 30 minutes. Later I found out that they actually already had the “calon’ but held the interview session as ‘syarat’. The said calon turn out to be someone’s inside the organization punya saudara mara (you know what I mean). Really.. Wasting my time.

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