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Helen asks…

How to get to Putrajaya by bus?

What bus should i take if i came from Ampang, Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya? And i would like to know whether there are any bus monthly tickets sold and how much would it be?

KL Boy’s answers:

From Ampang, not so sure..
But if you’re coming from KL, you can take bus either from Kota Raya or KL Sentral…

Sandy asks…

What time is the early U43 rapid bus leave to 1 utama from Putrajaya Sentral?

what time is the earliest bus from Putrajaya Sentral to 1utama (U43) in weekdays Monday to Friday.

KL Boy’s answers:

Its said around 630 am….



Robert asks…

is there any bus heading to putrajaya from ktm serdang?

and where does the bus stop?in which presint?im trying to go to putrajaya from nilai by komuter n bus.not by car nor taxi.

KL Boy’s answers:

Yes, from there you can take Rapid KL bus number U42
check out this link for the route

Mark asks…

how to go to cyberjaya or putrajaya central from Taman putra perdana (puchong) by bus?

also, do I have to pay toll if I take the new cloverleaf interchange to Cyberjaya. if so, how much?

KL Boy’s answers:

Ask a local/ find a way to get that question to a local. What countries are these places located in.

George asks…

is it best to charter a taxi while going around putrajaya or could we just ride the bus?

KL Boy’s answers:

It would be more confortable if you took a cab…buses dont usually come on time and you spend waiting for 1/2 hour – 45min sometimes.

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