Putrajaya Bus

Joseph asks…

Bus number to Putrajaya bridge?

I want to explore Putrajaya
what transportation should I take?
please give me info about Putrajaya (great place to hang out except shopping mall)

KL Boy’s answers:

Uh i think this link might help ya

Susan asks…

if have express bus from Putrajaya to JB?

KL Boy’s answers:

As far as i know there isn’t any express bus plying the route from Putrajaya to JB….
However there are 3 different bus company plying from Puduraya to JB..There are Plusliner ( 20.50rm 1 way), Transnasional (20.50rm 1 way) and Executive coach (more expensive 50rm 1 way)

Mark asks…

I need a guide to berjaya hills and putrajaya?

I will stay at KL for 5 days. I am planning go to putrajaya and berjaya hills. I found a bus to berjaya hills and it will drop off in colmar tropical, i need to go japanese village, how long is the distance? is putrajaya safety places?

KL Boy’s answers:

Here you can find all the information you need: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putrajaya
or check the official tourism website for the many attractions: http://www.tourism.gov.my/en/destinations/attractions.asp?state=putrajaya
For other destinations in Malaysia: http://tourismmalaysiausa.com/about.asp
As far as the hotels look here: http://www.prontohotel.com/mys/putrajaya/ it’s a comparison hotels website.

Jenny asks…

Protesters barred from entering Putrajaya?

The police have barred 7 buses packed with lawyers from entering Putrajaya this morning .. the buses were headed towards Palace of Justice where the passengers were to take part in a protest march calling for a royal commission … Those stranded lawyers decided to walk to the starting point even the buses were stopped 5 km away …

So what do u think of the gov?
hushpuppy: sorry … i don’t think we get a permit for it … because we co-operate well with the police since Tun Salleh Abas’s case
Yuna: do u think BAR council can afford that?
azayi1: do u think our job is to walk and protest all the time? hehe

remember this : “When lawyers walk … something is wrong!”

KL Boy’s answers:

Malaysia bar is barred…hmmmm.

Anyway, congratz for your strive and courage and let’s pray that more Malaysians are brave enough to fight corruption and injustice in this country.

Ken asks…

From LCCT to Putrajaya?

Hi, I am on my way to Malaysia next few weeks by landing at LCCT, I would like to have a stop at Putrajaya.

How can I take bus (or other public transportation) from LCCT to Putrajaya, and then from Putrajaya to Kuala Lumpur?

Pls give me an advise!

KL Boy’s answers:

There is no bus direct from LCCT to Putrajaya, so I think you’ll have to take a cab, costs around RM60 if I’m not mistaken.

From Putrajaya to KL, there few alternatives to KL

1) The easiest to think, by cab or taxi.
2) KLIA Transit train (aka ERL) which connect KLIA and KL Sentral with its Putrajaya station in the halfway.
3) RapidKL buses also link Putrajaya to KL.

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