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Sandy asks…

How to get to Gunung Nuang from Kajang by public transport?

KL Boy’s answers:

There is a bus from kajang straight away to gunung nuang, but i forgot what is the rapid kl bus number.

Richard asks…

How can i go to Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia from Sungei Wang Shopping Centre by public transport?

by train only … if possible

KL Boy’s answers:

There’s no station near to National Library. The best way i think is to take a cab from Titiwangsa Rapid KL.

Nancy asks…

Hey i need to find out if there is any kinda transport from Singapore airport to KL,Msia at midnight.?

My flight from melbourne arrives in Spore at 10.30pm, n after the custom check n bla bla it might take up to an hour, so i need a transport to get to kl around midnite.
Any help on this?
plus, the last flight leaving singapore is at 10 pm. I doubt ill make it after going thru the customs.

KL Boy’s answers:

The best way is the shuttle flight between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, operated by Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines. Flight duration: 55 minutes.
For train services read:


If you think you cannot catch the last flight,then you can travel either by bus or train.

By bus: From Johor Bahru
There are two ways to travel to Kuala Lumpur by bus: from Johor Bahru and from Singapore. Singapore is more expensive and there are daily not so much busses departing for Kuala Lumpur.
If you’re arriving at Changi Airport, there’s a MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) in Terminal 2. It’s easy to travel through Singapore by MRT.
Take the MRT from Changi Airport (EW29) to Kranfi (NS7). You’ll have to change trains at Jurong East (EW24/NS1). You don’t have to walk any stairs; just wait at the platform for the next MRT.
At Kranji MRT is a bus stop. You’ll take bus nr 170, which will take you to Larkin Bus Station Johor Bahru.
When the bus arrives at the Woodlands Checkpoint (passport control), you have to get out of the bus with your luggage. Keep your bus ticket, you’ll need it for the next bus to Larkin. You don’t have to hurry, because buses to Larkin are going all day.
At Larkin you’ll take the bus to KL.

From Singapore
Transnational Express Sdn Bhd has coaches departing from Lavender Street Bus Station in Singapore at 8.30 a.m., 10 a.m., 12 noon, 1.30 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. And 11 p.m. A ticket costs S$15. The S$15 direct coach is very good value, and saves you the hassle of having to travel to Larkin Station in Johor Bahru to get an onward bus ticket for about the same price.

There are also express coaches to Kuala Lumpur, departing from Queen Street Bus Station (departs at 9.00 a.m., 5.00 p.m. And 10.00 p.m.) and Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road in Singapore. Those are more expensive at S$23 each.

For train travel see:


James asks…

Is there any bus that could take me from Setia Jaya KTM station,Malaysia to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman?

The Universiti building that I meant was the PD building.UTAR is in Petaling Jaya.

KL Boy’s answers:

Hmmm… When u came out fr that station is the middle of the Federal Highway heading opposite direction… Which is not a strategic location… If u really choose this place, then just take a taxi is easier, bus will be too hassle…

Alternatively, take Komuter to KL Sentral, change to Putra LRT to Asia Jaya station, and take feeder bus (should be 628, pls double check with the staff) to the Jln Kemajuan and u need a walk to the campus.

U may check out the UTAR website and click on the map, when the “campus premises” window prompt out, just click on the address, then the roap map will prompt out.

The 2nd link is a reference of rapid KL routes, u may check out the road pass thru of 628 and u can request the bus driver show u where to get down. Wish u all the best!

Sandra asks…

how to go to port dickson from kl?How?

what activities are there to be done in port dickson? can we go para sailing?

KL Boy’s answers:

Visitors and tourists from Kuala Lumpur can travel by bus or car to Port Dickson. Those coming from Penang or other northen destinations need to travel through Kuala Lumpur, and this can easily be done by major highways or trunk roads. For buses and coaches, there are daily departures from Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur heading directly to Port Dickson. If coming by car from Kuala Lumpur, you take the North-South Highway heading south towards Johor or Seremban and turn off at the Port Dickson exit. Alternativey, visitors can also take a train from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban via the
KTM train service (which can be taken from KL Sentral), and then hop on a bus to Port Dickson from there. If you don’t have your own car, you can take a taxi or cab from Kuala Lumpur which will bring you direct to your destination. A journey from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson should take about 2 hours or less to reach.

The Eagle Ranch is a beach resort and training retreat located on the 14th Mile of Port Dickson. Situated on a vast 28-acre ground, the Eagle Ranch offers a wide range of recreational and leisure activities. This is why the place is popular for large groups of visitors, including corporate retreats, church excursions, organised seminars and other such functions. If you’re looking for fun activities to fill the day, then head over here.

The Eagle Ranch was built with the spaghetti western theme, so the buildings and grounds take their design cues from cowboys and the wild west. The list of activities offered by the resort is long, but they span a mix of indoor and outdoor pursuits. These include archery, rafting and canoeing in the sea, an obstacle course that offers a great exercise, go-karting on a circuit, paint ball on a field and jungle trekking in the night or day. There are no eagles in this place, as its name suggests, but there are several stables that rears horses. Guests can ride these horses around the resort grounds. Finally, there’s a fruit orchard at the back teeming with delicious local frutis.
Water sports and activities are a natural attraction in Port Dickson. The gentle weather and warm seas are inviting for a host of activities such as canoeing, jet skiing, para-gliding, speed boating and rafting. You can even ride a banana boat, which is a long and yellow float on which a group of people clamber on board and try to hold on as a speed boat pulls it at rapid speed across the water. If you’re looking for a splashing good time, head to any of the popular beaches such as Teluk Kemang.
Fishing is a whole different group of activity for a different class of visitors. While there are a few fishing villages in Port Dickson that fish on a commercial basis, many others are also here for sport fishing or angling. Anywhere along the coast line of Port Dickson, one can sport a fisherman or two casting their lines or nets into the sea.

Some of the best spots for fishing can be found in the Blue Lagoon and Teluk Pelanduk, which is down south from Port Dickson. Besides fish, one can also go spear hunting during the night if it’s low tide for crabs and other crustaceans in the Blue Lagoon. The best times to fish are in the mornings and evenings, but generally, you can fish anytime of the day.

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