Kl Sentral Bus To Genting

George asks…

where can we buy bus ticket from kl sentral to genting highlands resort?

KL Boy’s answers:

Tickets can be purchase at the Genting Express Bus Service located at the Lower Ground Floor of KL Sentral, below the escalator. The first bus start at 8am- 7pm (hourly). It will take you only the skyway at Awana and from here you have to take the cable car up to Genting. Have Fun!

Chris asks…

Cheap hotel or hostel for night stay near KL Sentral bus Terminal?

Our flight will arrive at 11.00pm at KLCCT and we will reach at KL Sentral near about 1 am in midnight,and next day we are going to Genting, so is there any cheap hotel or hostel (at max RM 50) is available near KL Sentral for night stay at 1 am in midnight. any advice with details of price will be appreciate

KL Boy’s answers:

Matahari Lodge is clean, conveniently located next to LRT (one stop from KL Sentral terminal). Central location in the the hub of activities. Close to public transport intercity bus terminal, sights, shopping, convenience stores, eating places just a short walk away.


Carol asks…

KL sentral to First World Hotel Genting?

HI all. We plan to stay in First World Hotel Genting. I need information: how can we reach the hotel from KL sentral? Which is better whether taking a bus or taxi?
We are a family with 4 members.

Thanks before!

KL Boy’s answers:

From the below link:

“Visitors to Genting – City of Entertainment can now board the Genting Express Bus from the KL Sentral Station to the Genting Skyway Lower Station and then enjoy a scenic Genting Skyway cable car ride all the way up to the resort.
The express bus service runs on an hourly schedule between 0800 hour and 1900 hour from the KL Sentral Station. The one-way fare inclusive of a Genting Skyway ride is RM 8.30 per adult and RM 6.70 per child”

have a good time there!

Paul asks…

Genting Express Bus?

My family will be going to Genting fr KL this weekend.
We’ll be taking the Genting express bus fr KL Sentral.
I’d like to know:
– Does the bus has any luggage compartment?
– Tickets issued with seat numbers or seat-in basis?
– Can i buy the tickets in advance or only can be bought on the day itself?

KL Boy’s answers:

Yeap, the express bus does provide luggage compartment but then the space is kinda limited and i suggest that you dont bring too many luggage.

The ticket purchased is based on free-seating and so you can choose anywhere you want to sit. And yes, you may buy the ticket in advance and you can also buy it on the day itself. But i strongly suggest that you buy it in advance coz this time its a school holiday peak season, coz if you dont i’m afraid that you wont get any seating coz it might already fully booked.

Click here http://www.genting.com.my/en/eg/g_there/express_bus.htm http://www.genting.com.my/en/press/2002/klsentral.htm

Ken asks…

Is it safe to ride a bus up to genting?

I’m going to genting riding the Genting Theme Park’s ofifcial bus. You know, the red one that goes from KL sentral straight to genting.
Is it safe to ride a bus to genting? Asik2 jatuh gaung jer…
Or is it safer to go by car? Whaddya think?
why is ever1 saying good luck?? It’s like I’m going n never coming back…waaah…
BTW: if i die an untimely death i put it in my will that my points will be equally divided against all of you…

KL Boy’s answers:

Nothing to worry about ! If we would to die, that moment can be at any time !

Before i bought my own car, going to Genting was my monthly routine [ dating then ].

If you still hesitate about hopping onto that bus, check-out the driver first. If he is a very young guy, wait for the next bus. Normally a mature man [ of age ] would not risk his own life what more with those loved one back home !

Or get down at the cable car station then continue your journey without the bus ! The cable car ride should be one of the memorable experience that should not be miss when visit Genting.

Enjoy the scenery outside the window in stead of how the bus travel !

Have a nice holiday !

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