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Maria asks…

What is the cost of living in Malaysia with the below facilities?

Rent 2 Bed Room Flat (30 mins from city from KL)
Food-Veg-Self Cooking
Local Transport

Also how much tax is applied on our salaries?
If I am looking at saving 75000 INR with my family (with 2 members)there what should be my monthly salary?

KL Boy’s answers:

Monthly Guesstimate (all figures in malaysian ringgit):

2-bedroom flat 500 (2mth deposit +1mth rent in advance)
Electricity (average) 80
Cooking Gas LPG 75 per tank
Water 20
Telephone 100
Cable tv 100
Self cook Food 350 (1person)
Transport (bus/rapid rail) 150

you need to be earning 1200 – 1500 a month which is not much at all for i person living in kuala lumpur – but lots of foreigners make way below that and still do ok.

Chris asks…

Honeymoon in Taman Negara?

Hi friends,
I’m visiting Malaysia on a honeymoon trip. From what I’ve read about Taman Negara on the net, I’m pretty interested about it and will probably be there for a couple of days in December (5/6). My only concern is if this is a good plan considering that my would-be wife is not used to hectic travels.
I’d appreciate your opinion on the following:
1. Travel from/to KL – how hectic will it be?
2. Activities in TN – What level of fitness is required?
3. Comfort – Will it be too hot and humid? What are the chances of rainfall and how bad does it get when it rains there?
Thanks to all for your help.

KL Boy’s answers:

Hi, just like other said, i’m not sure is it a good experience for honeymoon in the jungle.. Well, here is some info may help you to consider.

Travel from KL is not hectic, you may look for a coach shuttle service from tour agent. The trip will took 4 hrs (by coach) to the Tembeling Jetty and 3 hrs boat ride to the Park.

Taman Negara is one of the few hundred years old of Tropical Rainforest, it is adventures type of tourism spot, but it’s not that extreme compare with East Malaysia. So, you don’t need a lot of fitness required, only a lot of “walking”. The trip would be very sweaty & exhausted, so prepared more light clothes and water.

There may be raining in the park, but nobody care about the rain in TN, coz everybody are wet of sweating, so put all your stuff in a water proof backpack and you will not worry anything, or else bring along a small umbrella.

There are a lot of activities you can participate, like..
– night jungle walk (to see insects)
– night safari (ride on 4×4 to see mouse deer, wild boar, if you are lucky you may see tiger or elephant)
– jungle trekking (to see the scenery of Taman Negara)
– canopy walk (walking on the bridge hanging on the tree 40m from the ground)
– rapid shooting (to make yourself wet in the river)
– cave exploration (MUST SEE.. The Ear Cave or in local dialect Gua Telinga)
– visit to the native village..

If you want a better environment, then i would suggest you to stay in Mutiara Resort, it is the only 4 star hotel and most importantly, the meal serving is more suitable for foreigner, the rest of the chalet is in a local village type. So, hope you will enjoy your adventures honeymoon. Good luck :>

Paul asks…

why i just cant stop looking at the display picture of….?

“Stranger On The Bus” …. why???

KL Boy’s answers:

Cuz I’m the stranger who sits next to you on the Rapid KL 623 bus last Friday, remember?

Lisa asks…

What is kuala lumpur like?

anyone ever been to kuala lumpur? whats it like?

KL Boy’s answers:

It’s a medium sized, modern city with a population of 1.8million and 7.2million of metro population.
The public transportation system is mediocre, transporting in downtown shouldn’t be a problem but to the suburbs, traffic is often congested and the metro system isn’t that extensive. The buses are dirty and poorly maintained except Rapid KL, which is the bets among all IMO. The cost of living is extremely low, foods are cheap (normally RM3 onwards), hotel fares are cheap, transportation is cheap, fuel is cheap, real estate is cheap. The only expensive thing is Liquor.
Downtown Kuala Lumpur is still considered safe for tourists or westerners but do be noted that bag snatching is on the rise.
This city is multi-cultured, so you’ll be able to see lot’s of colors in this city. Night life is good but it shuts down before 2am. It’s a typical south east asian city, buildings rising Take a look of Kuala Lumpur in it’s wikitravel site.

Overall this is a magnificent city, boasting every modern infrastructures but still remaining affordable

Joseph asks…

Can I leave KL Airport ( KLIA) between connecting flights?

I will be a transit passenger in KLIA. My plane arrives at KLIA at 14:20 PM and my next flight is at 23:50 I thought maybe I could spend 4 hours seeing the country. My questions are:
1. Can I leave the KLIA as soon as I arrive? ( of course after going to immigration.)
2. What do you suggest me to do during the time before my next flight?and how?
3. Unlike Changi which provides a free city tour, does KLIA provide this? or we really should plan our little trip by ourselves?
4. Any inputs regarding to this will be cordially welcomed
Thanks in advance for all the input given!

KL Boy’s answers:

1. You can take the KLIA Express which cost you RM70 return ticket. It is a direct train service from KLIA and ends at KL Sentral, journey is approx 35mins; Train frequency is it departs every 15minutes.
If you need store luggage, go to KLIA Level 5(near check-in counters)

2. Since time is an essence in your journey, I suggest you to go to KLCC Petronas Twin Tower since it is one of KL’s popular landmark – you get both sightseeing, walk in the park and lil’ shopping – though it will cost slightly expensive here. To get there – From KL Sentral, take Rapid KL ‘AMPANG LINE’ towards Gombak and stop at KLCC, this will cost you RM1.60 1-trip travel about 24minutes.

3. Otherwise, you can go to Midvalley shopping mall,a slightly affordable mall, which is approx 2KM from KL Sentral. 2 ways to get there – 10-30mins taxi ride depending on traffic; Or you can opt the train which is 1 station away, cost you RM1.


http://www.myhoponhopoff.com/services.html :honestly I am not sure if this is reliable as I never heard/read any feedback.

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