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Helen asks…

Is this a good time to visit Malaysia or Thailand?

I was plannin to visit Malaysia or Thailand this May/June. Is this a good time to visit any of these 2 places. N wat are things i shouldnt miss. We are lookin forward to Adventure Sports, lovely beaches, Girls, Massages, Parties… We are a group of 3 guys plannin to visit d places widout our girl friends?
Apart frm the hotels are there any cheap hostels like YMCA where we can get reservations n stay there…??
Any help would be highly apreciated… thanks…

KL Boy’s answers:

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia:
YMCA kuala lumpur: located in brickfields, 3 minutes walking distance from the main train station (KL Sentral).

Other cheap accomodation would be hotels adjacent to Midvalley Megamall:
Cititel midvalley or
Boulevard midvalley

Foot reflexology/body massage:
Jalan Telawi Bangsar, next to Argentinian Steak House.
Plenty of many other massage places.

Beaches/Theme Park:
Sunway Lagoon


Nice beaches and seafood

Sabah & Sarawak:
Great adventure and great food.

Extreme adventure: Virgin Forest Jungle, water rapid tour etc.

Richard asks…

Best Air Fare to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?

Does anybody know the best airfare from Grand Rapids to Ho Chi Minh city in June and July, The best price I see from a few travel agent websites, United, or yahoo travel ect… is above $1,550 to $2000.
Is this already the best price?
Thank you

KL Boy’s answers:

Your prices are in the right range. Anything under $1600 for round trip is a good deal. But be aware that some of these flight have really long layovers in crappy airports. The China Southern flights in particular can stick you for up to 15 hours just sitting in China in the transit lounge. So check the total duration of your flight. Also, When you find a flight that looks good. Call the airline direct. Ask them if they have any specials. You have to ask… They won’t just tell you.
You might also consider flying into Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. Sometimes the flights are cheaper because the Viet Govt can add some hefty taxes. If you fly into KL you are at the hub of Air Asia. Really cheap flights to all of Asia. I will check a couple of other sources to see if I can find something interesting for you.

Sharon asks…

help with s.e asia itinerary?

hello! In feb me and my best mate are travelling around s.e asia for 6 weeks. We fly to KL first and pop over to see the orangutangs for about 3 days then back to KL and then to Bangkok. We know we want to see Laos, Cambodia and some of the south islands but haven’t got a set itinerary yet- any thoughts about the easiest way to see these places re. transport would be fab!! or if anyone has done anything similar tips/advice would be much appreciated, thanks : )

KL Boy’s answers:

To be honest, 6 weeks will make it a crazy busy holiday… May I first suggest that to get to other countries to/from Bangkok, you should fly with air asia (www.airasia.com). It’s a fast way to get from country to country, and the flights are super cheap and reliable. If you keep a watch on their website, they have great ticket sales. There’s actually a promotion on their website right now to fly from Bangkok to Hanoi (Vietnam) for free, although you still have to pay the taxes. If you take night busses, be careful of valuables. Wear a money belt. My sister lost over $1000 on one. Also, the bus from Bangkok to Koh Phangnan is notorious for the drivers stealing your money during the night ride.

In Laos, if you’re into a little different transportation, I river kayaked from Vang Vieng to Vientienne. It was way more fun than taking a bus, and we also got to do some cliff jumping! The rapids were easy for beginners… Possibly boring if you’re an experienced kayaker. You can book the trip in Vang Vieng (for only around $25 about a year ago). I hope you’re going to Vang Vieng… The river tubing is awesome, as is the zip lining into the river. Be careful, though, about ordering ‘happy’ pizzas and shakes. You could get more than you bargained for. Good luck with the local busses in Laos. They’re rustic at best… On one ride, I was sitting beside a cage of chickens and a motorcycle that one of the locals was transporting to another village, and a trip that was supposed to take 6 hours took 14.

Cambodian local busses are much more comfortable and reliable but the drivers are nuts… Which makes for an eventful, if not exciting, ride (I was in 1 accident and we hit a dog without looking back). In Cambodia, I suggest seeing Angkor Wat (of course), and in Phnom Penh, I suggest seeing the S-21 prison and the killing fields. So disturbing, but it’s moving to hear what the people have gone through not that long ago. If you’re a budget traveller, stay in the “lake area” in Phnom Penh. You can get a pretty decent room for around $5-$10 a night, and it’s easy to connect with other travellers. It should cost $1 (4000 riel) by motorcycle or $1.5 (6000 riel) by tuk tuk from the bus station to the lake area.

Do you know which island you’re going to visit? I really liked Koh Phi Phi. It has great beaches, sea kayaking, snorkelling, rock climbing (on awesome limestone cliffs… Even good for beginners), and a night life. If you go there and are interested in rock climbing, I recommend Cat’s Climbing (easy to find). Eeit is the owner and operator, and he’s professional and safe. If you take a day trip to go snorkelling, you can snorkel with sharks and visit one of the beaches that The Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio) was filmed on. Another good island is Koh Tao… But it’s mainly an island for divers. If you’re into diving, it’s a great place to go. It also has great snorkelling and bowling (where the pins are set up and the balls are returned maually… No machines, just manpower!). The nightlife is also not bad there.

When in KL, make sure you take advantage of the shopping. If you’re a budget traveller and want a good place to stay, stay at the Red Dragon Hostel in chinatown. It’s right beside a great market and a 2 minute walk away from the sky train and 1 minute walk away from a major bus station. It’s a 5-10 minute walk from KL’s central market and a 20 minute walk to the Petronas towers (although I recommend taking the sky train). The owner, Jenny, is awesome at pointing you to the city’s sights and the best shopping… And the best way to get there. I recommend going up the petronas towers, although you will have to get to the towers early to pick up your tickets (which are free). I haven’t been up the KL tower, but I hear the view is the better of the 2 towers.

In Bangkok (again, if you’re a budget traveller), there are a tonne of options for guesthouses in the Koh San Road area. It’s a great place to meet people, and there is also a great market on the road both in the day, and again at night. For buying souvieners for the family and friends, I suggest the weekend market. It’s awesome! There’s also always something going on downtown (around the MBK area), including live concerts. May I suggest when getting around Bangkok by taxi, you always insist on using the meter. To get from Koh San Road to MBK, it should cost between 60 and 80 Thai Baht. When going to/from the airport to/from Koh San Road, ask the driver to take the highway with no tolls (unless it’s during rush-hour). Late night and early mornings, this will save you a tonne of money.

If you have any other ?’s, feel free to email. I hope you and your friend have a great time!

Sandra asks…

Any must see places around Genting??

I live in Singapore. I have 5 days to spend in Malaysia. I am going to Genting Highlands to visit the Theme Park. Apart from that are there any other places around Genting for nature lovers?? I have already been to KL, Penang and langkawi.
Please suggest.
Thanking u in advance.

KL Boy’s answers:

You are a nature lover but chose Genting ? Nothing nature there except the cool weather unless you are into casino n theme park.

Why not going to Janda Baik, there is this Sri Pengantin Resort [ Myra the top answerer could help ] n some home-stay package to choose from, its less than an hour from Genting.

If you really wanted the nature environment plus a little adventures, try Taman Negara at Jerantut. 4 days should be enough after one day at Genting. But be prepare for the wilderness of the forest, some jungle trekking, rapid shooting, if lucky enough spotted some wild animals plus leeches too !

Fraser Hill is good too but one day will do !

Carol asks…

Midvalley to Kuchai Lama?

Hi , i would like to ask anyone here know how to go to Taman Pagar Ruyung, Kuchai Lama from Midvalley . Is it buses available from there ? If take taxi , how much it cost ? How long time to reach there ? If compared from KL Sentral , which place is nearer to Kuchai Lama ?

KL Boy’s answers:

Its very simple. U go to the bus stop at Mid Valley, ask the RAPID BUS driver what number bus goes from there to Taman Pagar Ruyung, Kuchai Lama. If any bus goes there, then it is only M$2.50. If you take taxi, it will cost less than 5.00

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