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Mary asks…

how do i get to sunway pyramid and one utama from kl sentral?

KL Boy’s answers:

Take rapid kl bus u63 to get to sunway.
Take rapid kl bus u82 to get to one utama.
Check out rapid kl website for more info on routes and buses.

Thomas asks…

When will the mass rapid transit (MRT) project news going to be announced?

KL Boy’s answers:

In first qtr of 2011, more details shall be available. It`s a must for capital city like KL and Malaysia is lacking.


Jenny asks…

Can rapid climate change make us feel sick???

where i live, its been really weird unlike other years. its been hot some days, then its turned very cold other days. there was really no transition. now its cold…but i can remember last week that it was still hot, too hot to even be wearing a sweater. i think this rapid change is what causes me not to feel so well, and the same happens to many people around here! we had a very hot summer and now its suddenly so cold. im not feeling so well. i think im going to get sick. i suspect it may be true that its the rapid change thats causign this. is it possible???
heaven…i totally agree! my mood and my emotions arent the same as they were during the summer! weird huh? its not so bad but its strange lol.
ummmm….i dont live in the UK, LOL.

KL Boy’s answers:

I think it can. I remember one day when i was from LA to fly to Kuala Lumpur, i suffered a bad headache and that my nose was bleeding badly. It was winter in LA and obviously KL is hot. I guess it does affect us. It affects our emotion as well, dont u think?

Charles asks…

how do i get to ‘the curve’ shopping mall?

hey there!
i need help!can anyone tell me how do i get to the curve shopping mall in mutira damansara? i am staying in gombak,so i am taking public transport.i guess from terminal putra i have to take a train to which stop?
please help!

KL Boy’s answers:

Hi there, first take the Putra Lrt train direct to Kelana Jaya Lrt station. When you reach that station walk to opposite bus stop and wait for the Curve damansara shuttle servis or you can use the public transport Rapid KL to reach your destination…

Helen asks…

What is best way to reach KL city ?? from KL malaysia Airport?

by bus, taxi, train or something else ?? fast & not costly.

KL Boy’s answers:

Take a semi-luxury airport coach from KLIA ( lower ground floor ) at RM18.00 one way. The bus will stop at Perhentian Duta. You may also take the normal public bus the fare is RM9.00. Airport taxi will cost you RM65.00 one way. ERL Train cost you RM35.00 and you alight at KLSentral. From KLSentral, take the Rapid Bus or Putra LRT to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The cheapest is still to take the bus.

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