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Donald asks…

travel help in kula lumpur from twin tower to china town on train or any easy public transport?

hi there, i have a connecting flight in kuala lumpur, i have 12hr from after noon for shopping. so i want 2 see twin towers and shop there a little bit and go to china town for more cheap shopping so i need direction from twin towers to china town (Petaling Street,) and versa. in a train or an quick pubic transport. thx u!

KL Boy’s answers:

Easiet way is to take klcc rapid kl (kelana jaya line), which is at the basement of klcc shopping centre, just next to twin tower. Get to pasar seni station, just 2-3 stations away.

Then get out from pasar seni station, you can see police station at your right side and klang bus station right infront of you.
This is when you have to walk to chinatown. Walk to the left, then turn right, go straight ahead until you can see nando’s chicken land sdn bhd. Then turn left again. Go straight all the way, and you can see hong leong bank. This is where the flea market (petaling street) is.

For a better view , check out google map.
Start at the point = pasar seni rapid kl
end point = petaling street flea market

hope it helps!

Charles asks…

How to go sunway pyramid by public transport from Pasar Seni?

KL Boy’s answers:

From pasar seni,there is bus station rapid kl.. U take the bus U67 or U63 and U70 also.. It will take u straightly to sunway pyramid ..the bus will stop in front of sunway pyramid.
It will cost rm3 only 🙂

Ruth asks…

Where should i go in the south east asia for the best vacation with my girlfriend?

KL Boy’s answers:

I have a bunch of vacation heaven list here… Here are the top 3 🙂

1. Thailand… Although there has been some bad incident mainly in the main cities but the beaches and islands are safe. (unless by God’s will you’ll have to die that day ahaa…)
Try phuket island, krabi island or phi phi island. Plus point, the currency is absolutely uncomparable and they are selling fake real-look stuffs like shoes, clothes, watches and other accessories in bargainable price (thou it’s already cheap!). Just be careful on the price since they are putting 70% higher than the usual price they are selling to the locals.

2. Malaysia… If you love low budget sight seeing, this is the right place for you! You can experience from contemporary sky scraper buildings, cultural and unique buildings, historical building until buildingless freshly green jungle and the highest mountain in south east asia! The cost is as cheap as thailand but Malaysia’s currency is higher. I promise, no regret coming to Malaysia. Minus point, you can hardly get good (honest) cab drivers in Malaysia because they like to charge more to the tourist! So, you better enjoy bus ride. Rapid KL gives the best price and frequent trips! Ticket range from RM2 and below and usable for 1 whole day. Others public transportations are good as well!

3. Singapore… I don’t know much about this small country but this is heaven for the gadget lovers. Scenic and clean country and safe for all tourist. They have the best shopping mall and the foods are all thumbs up!!

If you want more info about these countries and it’s places-to-go, do email me: bmxninjai@yahoo.com or you can surf wildly though the internet… 🙂 Enjoy your trip!!

Chris asks…

By using public transportation how do I get to petrosains from kl sentral?

KL Boy’s answers:

U can take rapid kl bus to klcc or the easier way is by taking the putra lrt (or a.k.a. Kelana jaya line) to klcc. Once u r at klcc just take the elevator up to petrosains.

Steven asks…

How to go to unisel in shah alam?

How to go to unisel in shah alam beside taxi … got what transport reach there ? the start point is kl sentral or midvalley
the campus’s adress is : Jln Zirkon A7/A, Seksyen 7, 40000, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

KL Boy’s answers:

From KL sentral.. Take rapid KL bus U80 to Pusat Bandar station in Shah Alam (behind the Maybank building). From there take another Rapid KL T601 to Klang. Tell the bus driver you want to get down at Unisel (when you see Shell, press the bell). Theres a bustop in front of the Unisel. Cost overall : RM3.00. U can even use your ticket back to KL sentral. Use taxi.. Your cost might be more than RM50.

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