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Betty asks…

How to go to KL BIrd Park ???

I want to save my money., so i dont want to go by taxi because it is quite expensive. is there any bus or monorail or lrt ??

KL Boy’s answers:

Check out the link..good luck and enjoy your trip there..

Lisa asks…

Bukit Bintang KL hotels – Fortuna Hotel vs. Agora Hotel – which is better?

Two hotels not too far from each other in Bukit Bintang – 1) Agora Hotel 2) Fortuna Hotel …..

which is better? I have found out that
i) the price is the same roughly
ii) both are 2 star hotels

but which is cleaner and safer? also, which is nearer to the Bukit Bintang Monorail station? because I am planning to lug my luggage from KL central to Bukit Bintang, so every centimeter counts.

I’ve seen their websites. I’ve consulted reviews and tripadvisor…but I still can’t make up my mind. I will be bring my relatives, and so would like to have a comfortable and clean env. without overspending.

thanks alot guys.
thanks veritas, I am still waiting for feedback from anyone who can help me decide. I don’t know why its such a dilemma, but I will be bringing my little cousins, and so I would like a relatively safe place also….

could you guys star me please, so that mb your contacts can help. thnx.

KL Boy’s answers:

Agora is located at Jalan Bukit Bintang opposite the BB Plaza Mall which is as central as you can get. Possibly a little noisy.
Fortuna Hotel is 200m away right around the corner and on top of the famous Sahara Tent arab restaurant. It used to be really pleasant there but these days you have to walk past a string of funky massage hawkers and pimps just to get there from the malls.

Distance to monorail stop – both are about the same, really.

I can’t tell you which is cleaner because I have never been inside anyone of them.

Richard asks…

Live in KL?

Our family plan to move to KL, I have few question to ask:

1. is there any suggestion for best appartment / condo to stay in KL, l’d like to rent, my concern will be, the place preferebly:
– close to Jl. Perak
– close to monorail access
– close to supermarket
– good environment for expat
– not that far from hospital.
– close to pre-school or child care.
– Lux facility and interior.
2. How much it cost to rent per month (2 rooms appt)?
3. and where u recomend to buy nice used car in KL?
4. Any recomended website for renting appartment or house?

Thanks and looking forward for your answer.

KL Boy’s answers:

1 & 2:There is a lot of traffic around Jalan Perak, so living, getting in and out of that place is going to be very difficult. Since this place in right in the middle of KL’s business district, it would be wise for you to live in the suburbs–slightly far away, but its worth if you look at it from a long term perspective.

Suburbs you can choose from:

North of KL:

Sentul East
Tamarind Condominiums (furnished)
with the view of the Petronas Towers –
Rent : approx. 1600-2000ringgit a month.
Close to the Sentul & Sentul Timur LRT, Sentul Komuter transit stations. Kuala Lumpur General Hospital and many many other private hospitals around.
Schools : Plenty!
10 minutes away from Jalan Perak.

North-east of KL:


Ampang Hilir area — Many condos and apartments
to choose from. Many of my expat friends live here.
Rent will be from 850-1200ringgit. Public transport
is far, you’ll have to drive a lot. Many schools around
and there is a hospital nearby.

10-15 minutes away from the business district.

South of KL:


This area is a little far away from the Business District,
a little more relaxed, and quiet if you compare to the
previous two places I’ve mentioned.

A expats heaven.

A lot of condos, apartments nearby…Rent can start from 850 to 1800 ringgit…depending on the size of the unit. More choices here. There is one transit station at Jalan Bangsar and another at Mid Valley.

About 15-20mins away from the business district.
3. Don’t need to look for places, just get to the nearest 7-eleven store, grab a copy of the Motor Trader, and in there are the thumbnails of a lot of used cars for sale. Or you can access their website (same thing) at www.motortrader.com.my

4. Try this, very useful : http://www.propertynetasia.com.my/

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, ask!


Mandy asks…

Trip to KL and Genting Highland?

I have a several questions regarding the above title.

I’ve planning to travel to KL this January 2010, probably 8th till 13th with my hubby (2 person travelling together).

1) I’ve thinking to go to Genting Highland on 8th till 10th (3D/2N) and 10th till 13th at KL (4D/3N). Should I proceed with this plan OR stay at KL first and later at Genting Highland? Since 8th is Friday and 10th is Sunday which is weekend. Besides, we will travel by public transportation so there will be 1 or 2 luggage after having our shopping spree at KL (thinking if we travel to Genting after KL). Any idea?

2) How packed is Genting Highland during that weekends? And how about the queue for each ride?

3) Which hotel along Bukit Bintang has a good review and good price? (preferably budget hotel and near to monorail).

4) Since we both still young (early 20s), we want to enjoy every moment there and fill with fun activities. Can I know what is the sweetest things to do with your partner especially when you are travelling together there? 🙂 Besides shopping.

I have fews in my mind – Genting Highland, KLCC, KL tower, Aquaria, shopping complexes, movie theatres, bowling, Sunway lagoon (not sure yet) and etc. It seems incomplete.. any idea?


p/s: This is our first time travelling together away from our country and I want to make it sweet and perfect! 🙂

KL Boy’s answers:

My suggestion to u is go to Genting first but be careful not to spend all the money in the gambling arcade I afraid u will have no money for the shopping. Shopping later in KL so u could spend more time for bargain and choose the material. Welcome To Malaysia.

Ken asks…

3days/ 2 nights KL weekend trip?

Hi pple, will be heading to Kuala Lumpur,Msia over this coming weekend…jus wondering what are the must see/must shop/must eat places in KL?any suggestions….will be staying at crown princess, iszit convenient and are there shopping areas nearby?hws the transportation and all tt…better to take a cab or monorail? thnx…

KL Boy’s answers:

Crown Princess is in a mall, although, I haven’t been there in a while now, so I am not too sure how good it is. However, it is quite close to the LRT station, which you can hop on and be dropped off in KLCC, one of the best places to shop, if you are not in a budget! Having said that, you came at the right time when the whole KL is on sale!

Also, if you are brave, you can take the LRT to KL Sentral and take the Komuter to Mid Valley, arguably the biggest shopping mall in KL.

Jalan Ampang, near Crown Princess, also has an array of shopping malls along it, which quite nice quirky shops.

However, personally, I love shopping in Bukit Bintang, where you will find everything from the High End brands in Starhill and Lot 10, to the more funky stuff in Sungai Wang and Bukit Bintang Plaza and not forgetting the electronic goodies in Low Yat Plaza. For that, from your hotel, it might be easiest to take a cab.

After shopping in Bukit Bintang, you can go across the road from Sg Wang and either go to Jalan Alor where all the nice Chinese Restaurants are, or walk to the next road to Jalan Ceylon, where nice posh-y restaurants are.

Hope you have a good time! Good luck!

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