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Ruth asks…

Directions from Tun Sambanthan to Bukit Nanas KL?

hi. what is the easiest way to get from Church of Holy Rosary #10 Jalan Tun Sambanthan to Cathedral of St. John on #5 Jalan Bukit Nanas on a Sunday morning?

Can I take the monorail or any bus? Is it easy to get a cab? Any other means? Thanks!

KL Boy’s answers:

The easiest way to get to Bukit Nanas from Church Of The Holy Rosary at Jalan Tun Sambanthan is via KL Monorail. The nearest station from the church is either Tun Sambanthan or KL Sentral station. You may board the KL Monorail from those station & the train will take you all the way to Bukit Nanas KL Monorail station. The fare for this journey is only RM 2.10.

Summary of route destinations:

KL Monorail (KL Sentral – Titiwangsa)
– KL Sentral < you are here
– Tun Sambanthan
– Maharajalela
– Hang Tuah < interchange station to Ampang / Sri Petaling Line
– Imbi
– Bukit Bintang
– Raja Chulan
– Bukit Nanas < disembark here
– Medan Tuanku
– Chow Kit
– Titiwangsa < interchange station to Ampang / Sri Petaling Line

Mary asks…

is there a prepaid farecard for all the train services in KL?

Like a pre-paid top-up or “touch and go” card (like those in singapore ezlink card) for all the train and bus services(putra/klia transit/monorail etc) coz i find it very hard to dig coins everytime i need to change trains since i will be dropping by in KL monthly..and taking public transport instead.

if so how much does the ticket coz and where to buy it (possible which stations and which train lines can it be used )

thank thank you very much
dhikhixi…: what talking you .. i want details and answer on my question

KL Boy’s answers:

Yeah, its ‘touch n go’ card. That caters all ur needs above. For buying those cards, try there

Betty asks…

Shopping in KL for a teenage guy. can u help me?

I’m 20 year-old guy going to KL and planning to shop.

Please take time to answer my questions..

1. Where to shop for cheap stuff besides petaling street?
2. Is Petaling Street really dangerous, or just a rumour?
3. How much money in RM is enough for a 1 day shopping in KL?
4. Maybe u can tell me on average how much a tshirt at Topman cost?(i noe tis question is stupid)
5. I’m staying at Bukit Bintang. What are the shopping centres that i should go?
6. Which Monorail station should i stop to go to a place called Arab?

Thanks alot Malaysians! terima kasih sekali!!

KL Boy’s answers:

Dear Asker,

1) Petaling Street has the cheapest stuffs around plus you can bargain. Make sure you bargain at Petaling Street-don’t pay as soon as they tell you the price. I gotta tell you that most stuffs sold there are not authentic things merely cheap imitations of the original products. But really, any shops around the vicinity has cheap products too. For example, Kotaraya, S & M shopping arcade, Central Market, UDA Ocean and Mydin Shopping mall are all around the vicinity of Petaling Street. There’s a whole lot of other shops that sell souvenirs, bags, jewelleries, food and drinks and bookshops (Popular Bookstore) at a reasonable price too.

2) Well, Petaling Street is not really ‘dangerous’ to the extent that you will get killed, if that is what you mean. However, petty crimes like pickpockets are abundant. So, just take really good care of your belongings like wallet and bags or passport. Pickpockets can be found in LRT and monorail stations too-basically any place where there is a good crowd.

3) I would say that around RM2,000.00 should be enough to cover all your expenses including meals.

4) On average, it will cost a hundred plus in Ringgit.

5) Good for you. Some of the most complete shopping malls and nightlife are found in Bukit Bintang. You should definitely check out Berjaya Times Square (BTS)-locals called it Times Square, Sungei Wang Plaza, BB Plaza, Lot 10 and if you like electronic gadgets, you must visit Low Yat Plaza-it is dubbed the IT shopping mall in KL.

6) I don’t know of any place called Arab? But this is a link to the monorail website:- http://www.monorail.com.my/monorail-info.htm
On your right, scroll down a little and click on “Around Monorail Stations”.

Good luck in your little escapade and welcome to Malaysia! Be safe and have fun.

Sandy asks…

What you think about KLMonorail services in Malaysia? Good/Bad? Why?

I’m will not satisfaction the KL monorail in Malaysia, becuase..

1. Is too long time to waiting.
2. Too small the rail.
3. Without provided fulling security
4. Too expensive ticket.

KL Boy’s answers:

Since the train has driver ,i been having several bad incident in the train,few times the driver brake suddenly,and everyone in the train was shock ,some falling and hitting each other

the time to wait its not that long,its just normal,while the ticket i agree is a bit xpensive,for example from hang tuah to imbi is RM1.40,yeah sure i can walk to bukit bintang from hang tuah,but for the sake of a girl who walk alone at nite,its just no meaning to safe RM1.40 compare to ur safety

Nancy asks…

where can i study Korean around KL ??

is there any language institution around kl area that has easy trnasportation (LRT, bus, monorail, etc) ??
as i do not drive. no car, no license. lols.

&if yes, how much wil it cost?
provide me w as much info as u hv abt tat institute?.
thankss!! ^^

KL Boy’s answers:

There are lots of Korean classes in Ampang area. 안방 in Korean means sort of like a living room so… I think you got the idea. For the cost you can refer to the links i provided below.

You don’t have to worry, all classes will be in english. Scummy and stingy people won’t be allowed to teach for fear that they will give a bad example of what a Korean looks like

If you want anyone to practice Korean with, just contact me. I’m happy to practice or give you some pointers.


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