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Betty asks…

Which monorail station is closer to The Federal KL?

Is it imbi station or bukit bintang station or…..?

KL Boy’s answers:

Try this link :


It’s pretty long but just copy and paste into your IE. Should bring you exaxtly to where Federal Hotel (KL) is and nearest monorail station is “Imbi”.

George asks…

how to travel to chinatown(petaling street) when u at KL(bukit bintang)?

If i taking skytrain ( i at Bukit bintang – KL monorail )
how do i travel to chinatown(KL) as known as petaling ?

and how to i travel from KL to genting?

KL Boy’s answers:

Take the Monorail at Bkt Bintang to Hang Tuah station (cost RM1.20) and change to Star LRT at Hang Tuah station to Plaza Rakyat (Petaling Street / Chinatown) (cost RM1.20).

Laura asks…

What shopping destination can you go to from KL Central?

I know you can go to KLCC by LRT, Times Square and Sungai Wang by Monorail and Mid Valley by KTM. What other places can I go to and how (without going by cab)? And in details please since I’m not familiar with places in KL.

ps: how to get to Sogo? Thanks in advance.

KL Boy’s answers:

SOGO is also accessible via the KTM Komuter train service at KL Sentral. The nearest station to SOGO is Bank Negara & it is connected via the overhead bridge which connnects the rapidKL Ampang & Sri Petaling Line.

The other shopping destination is Subang Parade which is also accessible via the KTM Komuter train service. Just board the train towards Pelabuhan Klang (Port Klang) & disembark at Subang Jaya station. The Subang Parade shopping destination is only 5 minutes walk from the Subang Jaya KTM Komuter train station.

Robert asks…

How to get to KL Bukit Bintang from Sunway Pyramid other than taxi? How much will it costs?

Bus, Monorail, etc… Give me the detail explanation

KL Boy’s answers:

There is no LRT from Sunway at present. Think bus would be most suitable if you do not prefer taxi.

Have a look at this bus journey planner for more info – http://rapidpg.com.my/journey-planner/

Daniel asks…

Why do Msian Govt promote futuristic-designed Public Trains with NO SAFETY aspects?

Like that MONORAIL in KL and the Malacca’s proposed AERORAIL?

In case of emergency (like fire, etc), how do the passengers get out?

Can’t they see why Spore, Japan & others REJECTED these train models for their public transportation?
How much money do the cronies make from these deals & for how many generations we (the rakyat) have to pay for it?

KL Boy’s answers:

Agree. The only safety procedure during emergency when riding Rapid KL Monorail that I can think of is, jump to your death. Malacca’s aerorail has scarier design.

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