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Daniel asks…

How can I get to Bandar Bukit Puchong 47100, (using public transport) from Pasar Seni LRT station?

Which Rapid KL bus should i take and from where should i get off.

KL Boy’s answers:

You can ask the commuters at Pasar Seni LRT.

Chris asks…

is there any bus service that goes to KL from genting?how much is it and what is the last bus back to genting?

i’l be going to petaling street,so can i just check with you guys which lrt station is it near?and if i were to take a taxi back from KL to Genting,roughly how much would that cost?thanx a lot there!

KL Boy’s answers:

Take the bus to genting from KL sentral.

It cost rm26 on weekdays and rm39 on weekends. These price rates hav already included cable car fare, bus fare and theme park entrance ticket fee. If u don wan the theme park ticket, u can exchange it for a meal in genting.

If u don wan theme park and free meal, u can choose another package, that’s only bus+cable car. Adult rm8.30, child rm6.70 (ONE WAY).

Buses will stop at mid-mountain for u to take cable car up.

7pm is the last bus. They have weekend direct service to first world hotel bus terminal, that’s the top of genting.

If u take taxi up, it will be more than rm50.

Mary asks…


I am single lady and I want to live either KL or PJ. Must be close to LRT train station.Great facilities such as gym/sports club, shopping mall/groceries, cinema and parks/waterfront are nearby/walking distance. Safe place to live and not so quiet at night. If those facilities are just walking distance is better but not essential. Please list all the options. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

KL Boy’s answers:

My room…sure it is going to be very enjoyable and it is free….call me

Betty asks…

KL for holidays?

hi, i’m planning a short trip to KL. would like to get the locals or whoever that’s familiar with the following:

1. i’m driving from Singapore to KL via the North-South highway. Which exit is the most direct way to get into Bukit Bintang area? Do i exit at the Sungei Besi toll?

2. i’m arranging to stay Royale Bintang KL. which is the nearest LRT station / Metro from the hotel?

3. what are the must-try food in KL?


KL Boy’s answers:

Hi welcome to Kuala Lumpur!

1. Using the North-South Highway- to get to Bukit Bintang directly you need to head to EXIT 37 then to EXIT 38, which is you will exit at the Sg. Besi toll first..
( refer link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuala_Lumpur-Seremban_Expressway#List_of_Interchanges)



Kuala Lumpur City has three line metro system, namely Putra, Star and PRT Monorail.

Nearest LRT Station :KLCC –Putra Line
LRT To Take and Station from KL Sentral : Putra Line to KLCC
Fare : RM1.60 per person per way.


3. Kuala Lumpur has the most diverse offering of foods from all over the world. Indulge in gourmet fusion cuisine created by talented chefs in designer restaurants, or sample an endless amount of goodies found practically bursting out of malls, store fronts and side-street hawker stalls



happy travelling!

Sandy asks…

how do i go to bukit bintang via lrt?

and i’m taking said lrt from kelana jaya (i’m not sure if it’s lrt or what) but the station there. do i have to go to kl sentral and then switch, or is there a direct route there?


KL Boy’s answers:

From Kelena Jaya (KJ24), you actually take the LRT and you have two choices:
1. Stop at KL Sentral (KJ15), exit the station, go down to the ground floor and walk to Jalan Tun Sambatham to take the Monorail from the KL Sentral Station (MR1) to Bukit Bintang (MR6); or
2. Stop at Dan Wangi (KJ12), exit the station, follow the sign to walk to Bukit Nanas (MR8) of the mono rail to travel to to Bukit Bintang (MR6.)
The traveling time for both is about the same, but my preference is for Option2 at the moment mainly because of the massive construction of the buildings between KL Sentral and Jalan Tun Sambatham at the moment, and you have to walk around outside the contruction site to get to the mono rail. But Option 1 will be better choice once this construction is completed since you can cut across the building and therefore shorter distance expected.

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