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Sharon asks…

Where to find any pharmacy that are reachable via LRT in KL ?

KL Boy’s answers:

Take the LRT to go to any shopping malls.like KLCC, Sungai Wang, Bukit Bintang, Midvalley etc There are pharmacies in every shopping malls.

Mandy asks…

What are the timings of Bus rapid KL T623 from Sunway Pyramid or Subang Parade to the Kelana Jaya LRT ?

I need to know the timings so me and my college friends can plan our transport to go to this Home for Special Children and have our teaching programme with them…need to know the answers ASAP,guys!…thanks alot and God bless!

KL Boy’s answers:

Its so simple> log on to the below website and see for youself which bus goes which route to where! Cheers!


George asks…

how can i go to low yat from rapid kl lrt terminal putra (gombak)?

plz asnwer me in detail like fee etc..

KL Boy’s answers:

The best way to save money…take the train from Gombak…that’s Putra line…stopped at Dang Wangi…less than 3 rm..walk a bit.to Bukit Nenas Monorail ..i guess it should be 1.50cts,,you shall reach Bukit Bintang…get out and ask for directions…everybody will tell!!! Plaza Low Yatt will stand waiting for you!!!

Steven asks…

Rapid KL LRT operates from what time to what time?

KL Boy’s answers:

Try this link:


Hope it helps

Lizzie asks…

What is the worst thing that can happen travelling on the LRT/ERL/KTM in KL?

KL Boy’s answers:



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