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Thomas asks…

kl trip this dec…?

Hi i’m planning a holiday trip to KL this yr end.
And i’m considering dropping by genting for a day during my trip and came about this “Genting Golden Package Day Tour” is this a good offer? and is there a time limit there or i can stay till the last bus ride?

KL Boy’s answers:

You can take Putra LRT line to terminal station (TMN Melati) and get your coach ticket and transit at sky cable car. Day trip package is sell at the counter.

Paul asks…

My plan for KL food/shopping/fun 4days/3night.. Give me comments pls. thanks?

18 Dec 2006

14:00-Reach KL, Hotel Check in
15:00-Sungei Wang Plaza (Shopping)
18:00-Dinner @ Madam Kwan’s
19:00-Mid Valley Mega Mall
22:00-Supper at Caestro

19 Dec

12:30-Proceed to Sunway pyramid/ Sunway Lagoon
17:00-Klang Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant (702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong , 42000 Port Klang, Selangor)…….
21:00-Petaling Street (Chinatown)
-Supper @ Chinatown
shopping @ Chinatown

20 Dec

10:00-One Utama
15:30-1.5 hour bus ride Kampung Kuantan and Kampung Bukit Belimbing
19:30-Seafood dinner
20:00-Fireflies tour
21:00-Return to Hotel

21 Dec
10:30-Times Square and indoor theme park

KL Boy’s answers:

Another place to consider for your trip : 1. Genting Highland, located 2000m above sea level. Appealing of to adrenalin seekers and thrill lovers, the themepark has all the classic rides with some original flair. Genting highland also famous with it’s casino.
2. Batu Caves, a Hindu temples & monkey paradise, you can watch monkeys climb the vertical walls of the Caves.The caves have 272 steps for you to go to the top.
3. Planetarium Negara
4. Lake Garden/ Titiwangsa Park
Enjoy your trip!..

Mandy asks…

Bus from Cambodia to Laos?

Looking to do a small two-week tour of Cambodia-Laos-Thailand up to and during the Thai New Year. I’ve already visited Thailand, so the bulk of the focus is on Cambodia and Laos (we’ll be visiting Chiang Mai for the official Thai New Year).

We’re flying from KL to Siem Reap, then looking for an efficient way to get from Siem Reap to Vientiane (then to Vien Viang) before leaving to Chiang Mai.

Is there a decent bus or train from Siem Reap to Vientiane? Should we go up Laos or through Thailand? And can we bus from Vientiane or Vien Viang to Chiang Mai or only fly?

Thanks, travellers!

KL Boy’s answers:

From Siem Reap to Viangchan or Vientiane, better take the airplane – it’s much more convenient.

But from Vientiane to Chiang Mai you can actually take the bus and pass through the Isan region of Thailand – which is renowned for its indigenous culture.

Linda asks…

12 Hour Stopover at Dubai .. Suggestion please?

HI !

I will be flying Emirates ( KUL – DXB – FRA)
Emirates has two daily flights to Frankfurt one at 0830 and one at 1430

I’m currently on the 0830 booking but planning to change it to the 1430, as i want to have a short stopover and have a look at the ever wonderful Dubai City. The plane frm KL will land at dubai at 0350

So now i want suggestions on what should i do during my stopover in Dubai ? i read that they have this hop on hop off bus tour thigy but how good is that ? all i need is to get good shots of the wonderful places in Dubai and just some simple sighseeing …

So based on all this info’s whats ur recommendation…

Please do no hesitate to ask me more if it would help u in giving me more precise and better suggestion..

Thanks You. Best Answer gets 10. Promise !

KL Boy’s answers:

Burj Dubai

Donald asks…

Any Chinese New Year tour packages to Genting?

I need help searching for bus coach to Genting during Chinese New Year 2007.
Or is there any cheaper airplane flying to KL for 5adults?
Please give me some websites of the airlines or bus coach companies. Thanks!
Share your experience please~

KL Boy’s answers:

You dont need a tour package if your foreigner or local. There’s lots of way to get there and the local goes there daily. You can ask anyone at the bus station or where ever you are. Everyone know’s how to get there. No one will get lost in genting. So save the $$$ for gambling.

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