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Nancy asks…

take bus from Singapore –> KL –> go to KL airport ?


would like to take a 8:00 a.m. flight from KL airport.

If i take a bus from Singapore (say 10 pm) to KL, usually bus stops at a Puda Raya terminal ? what time would it be ?

After that, how do i get to the airport ? How much cost and how much time ? safe ?

thanks in advance

KL Boy’s answers:

From Singapore to KL 4 to 5 hrs, 2 -3 am reach Pudu, sleep in a budget hotel don’t make sense anymore as u need to reach airport by 6, so just take a cab laaa, no train service yet so early maaaa…take a short nab at the airport laaa, with extra midnite charge RM100-130 is OK laaa…., if don’t want take a cab to Sentral and take air asia’s bus lor….if u r going to Low Cost Terminal u’ll be surprise of just how many passengers are sleeping on the floor overnite..lol…safe one laaa if u don’t behave like a typical sporean

Donna asks…

what is faster to take from malacca to singapore , bus or train? what about from KL to singapore?

Is it also worth it to make a stop over in Malacca on your way from KL to singapore??

KL Boy’s answers:

There is no train from Melakka to Singapore. The train service between KL and Singapore is exceedingly slow. There are excellent, and much faster, bus services.
There are regular bus services to Singapore from Melakka Sentral (which is anything but “central”).
If travelling from KL to Singapore, a visit to Melakka requires something of a diversion by coming off the highway at Ayer Keroh. Is it worth it? Only if you need to kill some time.

Charles asks…

does the bus from singapore going to kl wait for the passengers while clearing the immigration?

does the bus from singapore going to kl wait for the passengers while clearing the immigration

KL Boy’s answers:

If you travel by Express Coach for a journey, YES they know the number of persons in their coach and will wait. In S’pore to KL you can also travel by normal bus system to JB and from Terminal to KL of your choice ….every half hour leaving. Normal bus service like 170, 950, 160, will not wait for you at causeway as you can take any bus of the 3 to continue your journey to JB or terminal, Larkin.
If not sure of the system check with the driver, please.

Robert asks…

is it safe to travel to KL now through BUS from Singapore?

KL Boy’s answers:

There is no flood at the north-south highway. Don’t worry.
But just don’t go to Segamat.

Maria asks…

Is there a direct bus from Singapore to KL airport?

KL Boy’s answers:

NO. Both old airport ( Subang ) and KL International airport . But you can take bus to KL town from Singapore and change there local bus to reach both. ( if you wish is only by BUS )

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