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Nancy asks…

what time is the first bus leaving from singapore to KL and where is it leaving from?

on a sunday morning.

also, how long does the journey take?

lastly, any idea about the cost of the ride and do I need to buy a ticket in advance or can i just purchase it on the spot?

thank you for any information

KL Boy’s answers:

It depends on which bus company that you want to take. Usually the earlist would be 8am.
The most common ticketing area is at Golden Mile Complex (take MRT to Lavender station and take a cab to that complex). You can buy the cheaper (but comfortable) bus to KL. You have to purchase on the spot (about SGD30) if you are lucky enough to have avaialble seats.
You can also purchase the luxury tickets (costs more than SGD50) online from some available website:
Check out their pick up point from the website.
The journey takes about 5 hours (with no traffic jam).
Enjoy your trip.

Ruth asks…

Bus from KL to Singapore?

I was thinking of getting the first bus out to KL Friday morning, but Aeroline & Airebus’ ticketing counter open either 30 minutes after the 1st bus leaves or exactly as the 1st bus leaves. What other bus could I take that I can purchase the ticket right & there and be off as early as 7 or 7:30. If not is there anyway I can purchase the tickets when I arrive in KL?

Any tips would be a great help. Suggestion on other bus line would be great or even trains? I just want to get into Singapore early.

KL Boy’s answers:

Try First Coach.
They leave @ 7.30 AM from Bangsar.
I am not sure about purchasing tickets right then and there though. But u can call them at 03-2287 3311 to find out.

Try following this link for a comparison of the various coaches that are Sg bound from KL:


Donna asks…

Singapore to KL by bus/train?

I am landing at singapore at 19 40 hrs. will i be able to catch the 2200 hrs train to kl from keppel road stn. can i get a bus (sleeper if possible) from singapore at around 2230 to 2300 hrs? if yes frm where. kindly help

KL Boy’s answers:

As long as you dont have any problem with the airport check point, surely you can reach Tanjong Pagar KTM station before 10 PM.

I suggest you to use coach/bus, since this mode is more convenience and faster than train. If you use train, it will need 12 hours from KL-Singapore, and around 9 hours from Sg -KL.

You know what, a funny story about KTM (train). Ticket fares are 30. KL-Singapore is 30 ringgit, and Singapore-KL is 30 Singapore dollar..
I wonder with the same “30”, but they are significantly different amount of money, LOL

Mark asks…

Bus prices KL to singapore?

Nationwide Interstate Coach Executive (NiCE) what are departure days and times leaving Kuala Lumpur and days and times arriving Singapore. The price too. Is this the bus that holds only 16 – 20 people. if not info on that bus service

KL Boy’s answers:

You can also try Transtar Travel that i found on 88db, it is a comfortable and value-for-money coach travel and tours….have fun

Sandra asks…

how much should it cost em to go from KL to penang, and from KL to singapore by BUS???


KL Boy’s answers:

If you prefer to go in luxury by bus, would personally recommend :-


NICE Executive Double Deck Coach, depart via KTMB Old Railway Station
Fare @ RM58.00 nett per person
inclusive light meals and refreshment and etc..



Transtar Double Deck Coach
Fare @ SGD22.00 – 40.00


been there..done that..and it was great!

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