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Paul asks…

How and where can i purchase a bus ticket from KL(PUDU BUS STATION) to Singapore? How much does it costs?

I will need a bus ticket from Pudu Bus Station(KL) to Larkin (Johor) then head to Singapore by taxi. I would like to know how much a ticket costs and what’s the earliest bus ride from Pudu on the 25th March 2006. Your answers will be a great help. Really appreciate it.
Thank You.

KL Boy’s answers:

I made this trip recently and I would suggest flying to Johor from KLIA with Air Asia. It takes about 40 mins and costs around 50 ringgit with tax. From Johor airport you can take a bus for 8 ringgit which takes you right to Singapore. Much cheaper and faster than a bus from KL and a taxi.

I have made the trip both ways and would never take the bus again. Hope this helps.

Sandra asks…

How far is Puduraya bus station to KL International Airport? What would be the estimated cost of travelling?

I wanted to fly from KLIA to another destination. I would like to know the distance between the bus station and the airport so that i can decide if there is a need to stay one night in KL.
I made an error.. I am flying from LCCT. Same area?

KL Boy’s answers:

LCCT and KLIA are two different places, 20km apart.

Cheapest transportation to get to LCCT would be the bus at KL central, it’s RM9 for one way.

To get to KL central from Puduraya you can use the LRT, KTM or TAXI

Or you can just take a taxi from Puduraya straight to LCCT . About RM60

It’ll take you less than an hour to reach LCCT, don’t need to stay one night in KL.


You can’t take ERL to LCCT.

ERL is for KLIA

Joseph asks…

how to get to puduraya bus station from kL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT? HOW MUCh does it cost?

Im going to take bus from puduraya buses station to johor baru. but I dont know how to get there from KLIA. is there any way to get to puduraya buses station from KL sentral?

KL Boy’s answers:

I would suggest you to fly to JB instead, it’s not that expensive and save your time and trouble. Just check AirAsia.

Else, you can also take bus from KLIA to Seremban instead. Then from Seremban to JB.

Helen asks…

How do i get to Puduraya bus station from KL airport?

I am travelling to Malaysia for the first time and need to catch a bus to Lumut from Puduraya bus station and was wondering how i get to the station from Kuala Lumpur airport any tips would be appreciated

KL Boy’s answers:

Your choices are:
Option 1. Taxi from KLIA. May cost you about RM70 for a budget cab?
Option 2. KLIA Express (Express Train) to KL Sentral costing RM35. From KL Sentral you can either take a cab (no idea of price, anything between RM10-RM20). Cheaper alternative, take Putra Line LRT (from KL Sentral) towards Ampang, get off at Masjid Jamek station and walk 300 metres.

Note that Plaza Rakyat station is on Star Line which you have to exit the Masjid Jamek (Putra) station and walk 100 metres to Masjid Jamek (Star Line) and then take the train for 1 stop.

Option 3. Take KLIA Transit (not so express train) to Bandar Tasek Selatan (RM26.50), change to LRT Star Line and stop at Plaza Rakyat LRT.

James asks…

How to go to JUSCO at Bandar Utama from KL Central station (By Bus or any train services)?

KL Boy’s answers:

Take U82 bus at KL Sentral.

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