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Richard asks…

How to travel from KL to Johor Bahru by train or bus?

I’m 17 from Vietnam and going to Malaysia this September. I’ll be arriving at the KL airport around 14:00 on 19th of September. I need to be in JB before midnight on that day and im about to travel from KL to JB by train or bus. Can anyone let me know about the train or bus schedules and fees and if i could catch the train after 2pm and reach JB before 10pm? If you have any other better opinion, please tell me. Thanks so so so much!

KL Boy’s answers:

Take an express train from KL airport to KL Central Station. Then go to this bus ticketing agent :
Unit 10, Arrival Hall, KL City Air Terminal, Stesyen Sentral Kuala Lumpur,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone : +603 – 22736473

They have regular service to Johor Bahru. They will guide you to their boarding station. FYI, it takes approximately 4 hours to reach Johor Bahru from KL and the bus fare will cost you less than RM40. Good luck.

George asks…

KL to Singapore Travel Information?

Hi guys,
I have a flight schedule at 01:00 pm in Singapore Changi International Airport.
So i if i am traveling from Kuala Lumpur by buy or train (Any except Flight) what time shoud i start to travel from KL.

I search on on the net but, from KL the buses are starting to come from 06:30 am onward. but i guess at lease should start to Travel before 05:00 am but is any transport service on that time?

KL Boy’s answers:

The distance between KL and Singapore is some 390 km depending on points of departure and arrival, and the driving time may take 4hrs 30 minutes to 5 hours or longer, depending on weather and road conditions. So, if the flight is 1:00 p.m. , you would need to check in, say, latest by 12:00 noon, which means …yes , I would start out at 5:00 a.m. To be in good time. Traffic will start to be heavy after 6:30 a.m. So if you are not able to start out by then, consider taking Air Asia to Changi.

Mary asks…

hey’ll, what is the nearest superferry station with clark airport?

I am going to Cebu Island this september. I’m taking AIrAsia from KL to CRK. The thing is, Ive no idea what is the nearest superferry jetty. And if possible, pls include bus schedule.

1 more thing, pls estimate real time for me. I mean, those traffic, or whatsoever hassle possible. thx

KL Boy’s answers:

The nearest Superferry is in Manila, at the Port Area. It is called the Eva Macapagal terminal at the back of Manila Hotel

Donald asks…

where to take a train from kuala lumpur to singapore?

we are flying to KL then plan to cross Singapore by train. Where can we find the bus or train station . Is there a website for that. What are the schedule.How much?
we are also advised to make a stop over in Malacca. Any suggestions please?

KL Boy’s answers:

Easy to do and fun as well.
Kuala Lumpur station…
Long-distance trains now serve KL’s shiny new Sentral station (complete with VIP lounge for 1st class passengers and left luggage office)
But check out this web page. It will give you all the information you need and more.

Thomas asks…

what should i take to singapore?

i’m going to singapore from kl. wht should i take beside plane? train or bus? which one is better? how much the cost? can you give me the schedule?

KL Boy’s answers:

Welcome to Singapore…

Beside Plane… I would recommend Coach (Bus)..

It is comfortable and their service is the same U get on the plane.. They serve meal and U can pass your time by playing and watch movies on the Coach… The had the small TV screen like what U see on the plane…

And U view the southern view of the Johor… And if U are lucky if the Coach stop on it way down to Singapore when the Coach stop… U can take some pictures as well…

Have a smooth trips…

Enjoys your stay here in Singapore…

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