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Ken asks…

what bus can i take from SS3/29 PJ to KL sentral.?

Can anyone tell me what bus to take to KL sentral?
What time is the earliest bus?
Bus route?

KL Boy’s answers:

You may board the rapidKL bus route no U84 (Kelana Jaya – Pasar Seni LRT) at Jalan SS 3/29 in Kelana Jaya to go to KL Sentral. The bus will then pass along Sungai Way, Jalan 229, Jalan 222, Lebuhraya Persekutuan before entering Jalan Syed Putra & Jalan Tun Sambanthan. It will continue its journey to KL Sentral & stops at Pasar Seni LRT station which is their final destination.

The bus fare is only RM 2.00 for their trunk (UTAMA) service & please do keep the ticket as the ticket is valid for the whole day. That means you can actually use it again on the same day if you wish to return to Kelana Jaya using the same bus route.

Most buses route starts their service at 6:00am.

Summary of rapidKL bus route destinations:

U84 (Kelana Jaya – Pasar Seni LRT)
– Kelana Jaya
– Kelana Park View, Jalan SS 6/2
– Giant Hypermarket Kelana Jaya
– Jalan SS 5/2
– Jalan SS 5/1
– Jalan Majlis
– Jalan SS 3/80
– Pasaraya Bintang, Jalan SS 3/29 < you are here
– Jalan SS 3/64
– Jalan SS 3/39
– Jalan SS 1/2
– Jalan SS 1/11
– Jalan SS 1/1
– Sungai Way, Jalan SS 9A/1
– SRJK (C) Sungai Way
– Jalan SS 9A/14
– Malaya Acid Works, Jalan 225
– Malaysian Oxygen Berhad, Jalan 229
– Jalan PP Narayanan (Jalan 222)
– Lebuhraya Persekutuan
– Menara Axis
– EPF (Jalan Gasing)
– Jalan Syed Putra
– Jalan Tun Sambathan
– Balai Polis Brickfields
– Sek Ren & Men La Salle Brickfields 1 & 2
– KL Sentral < disembark here
– Sentral Exhibition Mall
– Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
– Jalan Petaling
– Jalan Sultan
– Pasar Seni LRT

David asks…

Malaysian pls!!!Does all rapid KL bus which starts with ‘U’ goes pass through KL Sentral?

Because i wanna get to Segi College, Kota Damansara but when i check wikipedia not all busses put KL sentral as its final destination, but of course in between the route they may pass KL sentral so pls help me…….Does all ‘U’ buses pass through KL Sentral?

KL Boy’s answers:

Not all rapidKL bus route with the prefix “U” (UTAMA) passes thru KL Sentral. The following rapidKL buses with the prefix “U” (UTAMA) are the buses which stops at KL Sentral which is their final destination:

U76 – Subang Parade – KL Sentral – Subang Parade
U82 – KL Sentral – Bandar Utama – KL Sentral
U83 – KL Sentral – Kompleks Kerajaan Jalan Duta – KL Sentral (Mondays to Fridays only)

the following rapidKL buses with the prefix “U” (UTAMA) passes along KL Sentral (in front of KL Sentral KL Monorail station) on its way to their respective destinations:

U60 – Pasar Seni LRT – Puchong Utama – Pasar Seni LRT
U63 – Pasar Seni LRT – USJ 8 via Summit Subang USJ – Pasar Seni LRT
U64 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam – Pasar Seni LRT
U65 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Alam Megah, Shah Alam – Pasar Seni LRT
U66 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya – Pasar Seni LRT
U67 – Pasar Seni LRT – USJ 8 via Subang Parade – Pasar Seni LRT
U68 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Sri Manja / Taman Sri Sentosa – Pasar Seni LRT
U69 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Putra Perdana via Batu 14 Puchong – Pasar Seni LRT
U70 – Pasar Seni LRT – Puchong Prima – Pasar Seni LRT
U71 – Pasar Seni LRT – Sri Petaling LRT via Taman Gembira – Pasar Seni LRT
U72 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Desa – Pasar Seni LRT
U73 – Pasar Seni LRT – Taman Overseas Union (OUG) – Pasar Seni LRT
U74 – Pasar Seni LRT – Pantai Hill Park – Pasar Seni LRT
U75 – Pasar Seni LRT – Jln Othman, Petaling Jaya via Pantai Dalam – Pasar Seni LRT
U80 – Pasar Seni LRT – UiTM, Seksyen 2 Shah Alam – Pasar Seni LRT
U81 – Pasar Seni LRT – Mah Sing Industrial Park via Pekan Subang – Pasar Seni LRT
U84 – Pasar Seni LRT – Kelana Jaya – Pasar Seni LRT
U85 – Pasar Seni LRT – Seksyen SS 2 Petaling Jaya – Pasar Seni LRT
U87 – Pasar Seni LRT – Bangsar Park via Mid Valley Megamall – Pasar Seni LRT
U88 – Pasar Seni LRT – Section 8 Kota Damansara – Pasar Seni LRT

Donald asks…

Bus Route to Puchong Plaza?

Please tell me what is the best way to get to Puchong Plaza by RapidKL from either KL Sentral or Klang Bus Stand in Kotaraya.

Best answer will be given 10 points!!

KL Boy’s answers:

Well i’m no good with buses..you should check out their website..maybe it might help you


George asks…


i want to go bandar sri damansara, cempaka road from pasar seni.
how to go by rapid KL bus?? i mean plz tell me the bus route number also tell me how many time have to change bus.


KL Boy’s answers:

Pasar Seni ..board at Kelana Jaya Line towards Gombak
arrive at Masjid Jamek – RM 1.00

Masjid Jamek.. Ampang Line towards Ampang
arrive Cempaka road – RM 2.40

Estimated journey time: 35 minutes

the bus numbers are at the bottom of the page at this link

Laura asks…

The Best SIN-KL Route?

I need to go to KL‘s LCCT airport. What is the best way to go on land from Singapore? The train? What stop should I get out on? The bus? Do I get off KL or PJ? The length of time isn’t important to me- it’s the drop off point.

KL Boy’s answers:

You can do it by train – and it will take much longer. Around 10 hours by train from Sg to KL. You stop at KL Sentral train station, you come out and will find plenty of express buses heading to LCCT (they do not stop anywhere else, hence it’s direct to LCCT).

If you take a bus from Singapore, it will take you about 6 hours. You can take an overnight bus and arrive in KL Puduraya bus station early around 6 to 7 a.m. In Puduraya you can also find buses that take you to LCCT – however I am not sure of the frequency/schedule of these buses.

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