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William asks…

List of recommended bus companies from KL to Singapore?

Looking to travel to Singapore, but am not much of a traveller. Suggestions of recommended and good bus companies from KL, maybe pudu to Singapore.

KL Boy’s answers:

Last time when i worked in KL, i only take Eltabina Express from pudu to singapore. From singapore to pudu, i’ll take Sri Maju. I won’t say they are very good, but they are the least “screwed up”

Paul asks…

How can I go to Koh Samui (thailand) from Malaysia (KL) by BUS? How long does it take? any suggestions?

I would like to take the bus from KL to thailand reaching directly to Koh samui through ferry, anyone knows the location to purchase tickets.. or where can i atleast get more information. if you have experienced it before, please share….. your help is really appreciated 🙂

KL Boy’s answers:

You can fly to either Phuket or Bangkok and catch another flight to Samui. From BKK to Samui will take less than an hour by jet. Try locating direct flight from KL, although I don’t think there is but try.
Bus or train will take a whole day, plus some three hours by boats.

Susan asks…

How can I go from Kampung Pandan to Taman Cannaught by Rapid KL bus?

KL Boy’s answers:

Go to bas stesen in Kampong Pandan.
See the board or sign on front side of Rapid KL bas that say to Taman Connaught.
Easy only what. Why make so difficult one ah?

George asks…

How to get from KL LCCT to Singapore by bus?

I need to know if there is a direct bus service from KL Low Cost Carrier Terminal ( LCCT ) to Singapore, costs and schedule

KL Boy’s answers:

There is no direct bus from LCCT to Singapore! If you wanna go, you have to transit through KL. The steps are:

1. Take any LCCT airport bus go to KL Sentral cost you around RM10 (2h travel)

2. Take a cab from KL Sentral to Pudu Raya (Main bus station) cost you around RM5. If you don’t want, just go outside and take any bus. Mostly they will stop in Chinatown, just walking distance to Pudu Raya. (10minutes travel)

3. Go to 2nd floor, ask people for Singapore ticket counter (around 10 counters) and buy the soonest ticket. It will cost you around RM20-RM30. (6-8 hours travel). The latest bus is around 3-4pm

If you are in rush or affordable for the air ticket, you better take AirAsia for just 1h flight only

Hope that you have a good choice!


Daniel asks…

what can you say about aeroline (luxury bus from kl to singapore)?

i’m planning to take aeroline from kl to singapore but i want to know if its as good as what their site say…help me decide! please!

bad and good experiences about the luxury bus will definitely help me make up my mind…if you have any suggestions on other luxury bus liners will also be great (please include their website)…

KL Boy’s answers:

Aeroline was pretty great for me. But alternative you may also try the following:
Prices differ by the entertainment provided(Movies, Massage seat, Waitering service etc)
Just be sure where you wanna alight. Since you would be visiting Singapore, you might wanna alight near to town area and most of these transporter does stop at Beach road/Lavender street/Copthorn Hotel(Bukit Timah).
Just type the above in search engine(yahoo singapore) will get you their website 🙂

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