Bukit Bintang Bus

Thomas asks…

how to go bukit bintang area from genting highlands use bus.?

At June i have a plan to go Malaysia, I use aerobus from KLCC to go genting, and for ticket already buy from internet, now i dont know how to go bukit bintang from Genting Highland use bus.

KL Boy’s answers:

There’s a huge bus terminal/station a few minutes walk from the First World Hotel with many buses going to Bukit Bintang 🙂

Susan asks…

Please tell me the easiest way to get to Genting Highland from Bukit Bintang by Bus.?

KL Boy’s answers:

Option 1***
Take the MONORAIL to KL Sentral, thereafter, by bus to Genting Highland.

Option 2***
Take a cab to PUDURAYA, thereafter, by bus to Genting Highland.

Sharon asks…

Is there any Bus from Bukit Bintang to KLIA?

KL Boy’s answers:

Not really, you have to go to kl sentral first and then connect to the airport, it’s a nuisance I know.

Ruth asks…

How long does it take to go to KLCC,Bukit Bintang or Sungei Wang from LCCT airport by bus?

KL Boy’s answers:

2 hours plus, worse if it’s raining or rush hour.

Donald asks…

How to get to Bukit Bintang from Subang Jaya with public transportation?

Hi guys my exact location will be Taylor University so how do i get to bukit bintang?Would prefer taking lrt if they any, but buses will be fine also. But not Taxi pls don’tt recommend me any taxi pls.

KL Boy’s answers:

Take a KTM train next to carrefour and head to KL Sentral. Walk across of the street and take the Monorail to Bukit Bintang.

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