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Maria asks…

How to get to Batu caves from bus terminal at Puduraya,KL?

KL Boy’s answers:

Batu Caves is located in Gombak district, which is accessible through Jalan Kuching and Middle Ring Highway. From Golden Triangle you can reach the Batu Caves by taxi (Rm 20 – Rm 30) or public bus (11 and 11d). The public buses can be boarded at the Puduraya Bus Terminal. Bus Nr 70 and 349 are leaving from Lebuh Pudu in Chinatown every 30 minutes. Journey time around 45 minutes.

The easiest way to get to Batu Caves is to take the KTM commuter train from KL Sentral station to the Sentul Station.

Chris asks…

which bus to take to batu cave from PWTC?

my hotel is in PWTC and i’d like to go batu cave, which is in the north of KL. there is bus at golden triangle KL, but if it travels pass pwtc, i will just hop on without go to pudu and wind back.
where is the bus stop?


KL Boy’s answers:

DO NOT use the bus to go to Batu Caves from PWTC. Frankly the service is totally unreliable and you will spend a good part of the day wondering when it will ever come. You will be a lot better off by taking a cab.

Sandy asks…

Hi how to go from Batu caes to Genting?


Can somebody help? I am travelling to Malaysia.
I will go from KL to Genting, but have a stop at Batu Caves, how can i go next from Batu to Genting?

Is there bus? how far is it from Batu to Genting?

KL Boy’s answers:

Hi, wow, you’re going just about everywhere! I’m so proud to find a tourist like you here in Malaysia! Are you a backpacker?


Batu Caves is near Gombak, from what i just found out, there’s a Genting Express Bus from Putra LRT Gombak.

Check this website out

To get from Batu Caves to Putra LRT Gombak you can take either the taxi ( wouldn’t cost so much) or the bus.

Here’s the bus route

Same thing from KL to Batu Caves, you can stop at the Gombak LRT station and take a bus from there to get to Batu Caves.

It’ll take you not more than 2 hours from Gombak to Genting.

Good Luck and Have fun.

Donald asks…


You all pls help me, how can I take bus, train,.. from KL city to Batu Cave, after visiting there I will go to Genting.

Thanks all

KL Boy’s answers:

I don’t know how to go to batu cave by bus or train but if you want to genting you can always try this. Take a bus to kl central.. After riding the escalator up. You’ll will find a ticket counter selling a ticket to Genting hightland on your left. They also have package for going there and going back plus theme park and cabel car for only 47 ringgit(Last time i check).. Ticket cost for going there is about RM 9. (But on holiday you need to book or go early cause the ticket are easily run out). The earliest ticket is at 8 AM.

If you still want to go to batu cave you always can try looking for ticket at Pudu raya.. Take the nearest STAR LRT.

Sandra asks…

Transport To Batu Cave – KL?

Hi Friends
I plan to go to Batu Cave from KL with 7 other friends. What are the options of easy & cheap public transport from KL – Batu Cave – KL? I heard that from Batu Cave to KL, public transportation is a bit of problem since the place is located quite far from bus terminal and/or train/commuter station.
Many thanks…

KL Boy’s answers:

Try taking a taxi or go with mr.crab on the Batmobile

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