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Helen asks…

how do i travel from Pudu Raya bus terminal to Jalan ampang by train?

KL Boy’s answers:

By using a train

Susan asks…

if I wish to go to Maluri by B114 rapidkl bus from Ampang Park station, should I cross to the opposite side?

KL Boy’s answers:


Maria asks…

distance between Grand Season Hotel and MATIC, Jalan Ampang or Puduraya Bus Terminal?

KL Boy’s answers:

U’ll know after you hop in a cab or walk pass those street.

Jenny asks…

How to get to Plaza Pekeliling?

I’m from Ampang Indah and I don’t which public transport to take from here. Do I need to get to KLCC or KL Central first before transferring to another bus to go there? If so what bus should I take from KLCC or KL Central? Please, I really need the answer A.S.A.P, it is very urgent.

KL Boy’s answers:

Plaza Pekeliling is at the Pekeliling Roundabout (Bulatan Pekeliling). Why not take the Star LRT from Ampang straight to Pekeliling (Titiwangsa station)? I believe you will not have to change train, but you can always check with the Star LRT. Now they are known as RapidKL Ampang Line..

Donna asks…

Going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next weekend. Need a little advice.?

I will be spending four nights in the city and have to make at least 2 trips to the Thai embassy on Jalen Ampang while there. Judging by maps and reading, Chinatown or Golden Triangle may be good options for stay. Looking for hotel/hostel info, experiences and names. Want mid to low price with a/c. Considering pre-booking for convience, but would love some feedback first.

Also, I’m flying in about mid-day and wonder the best means of transport from the airport…taxi, train, bus, etc, and cost. Any suggestions of good sights, restaurants, etc are welcome.

Thanks for any help you can give!

KL Boy’s answers:

The nearest hotel to the Thai Embassy is the Crown Princess hotel. Thai Embassy is just walking distance away from this hotel. However this hotel is a 5 star hotel , so be prepared to pay for a 5 star rate. Get the latest rate from their websites. Hotels near the golden triangle are even more expensive. .


If cost is your concern, i suggest you stay at the cheapest hotel in Kuala Lumpur , the Tune Hotel. It is very cheap but decent. A/C is not provided unless you are willing to pay a certain sum to buy the credit hours for A/C. Overall you probably pay at least 1/5 of what you have to pay for a 5 star hotel room. From this hotel, take the LRT train to KLCC station. Alight from KLCC station, cross to the opposite road and walk a few hundred metres and you’ll reach the Thai Embassy. Basically you can take the LRT train to all over Kuala Lumpur city centre. It is cheap and convenient. Try not to take taxi as most taxi drivers like to fleece their foreign passengers. Alternatively for travel within Kuala Lumpur city centre, you may take the Rapid KL buses. Purchase their daily pass which entitle you to unlimited travel on their buses for that particular day.


On the day of your departure, take the LRT train to Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station. From the this main station, purchase a ticket for ERL KLIA ExpressTrain directly to KLIA. Fare :RM35.00, Travel time: 28 minutes. Frequency : every 15 minutes. You can even check in for your flight and luggage at this main station before taking this train. Try to take this train at least 3 hours before your actual departure time.


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